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  1. I have to take off for now, but will be back home later to check up on this
  2. Also, I would like to add that I do not deny owing Casey some money right now. He just made it sound like I havent made an attempt at paying him back, which isnt the case at all
  3. You are welcome to make the drive if you like.
  4. I have no idea how to post links and such correctly
  5. Almost the whole story. Casey did help me out when I was in a jam a few months ago and I thank him for that. As far as the tourney score goes I told the coaches that I was playing in some tournies and that some where stakes, from here and from elsewhere. All was fine when I had small cashes. When I hit for a big score all of a sudden they expected a split.I do still owe Casey a few bucks and I will send it to him when I can. Real life stuff came up that I had no control over and I had to spend the rest of what I had from the $3k before I could ship to him. I did send him the rest of what
  6. Tourney #131676519chuckgellasc is snI got in playing a 250fpp satty and it was too late to unreg. I tried to email stars. I am in for the 1 buy in and an add on, so 500fpps total
  7. There is no game tonight as announced last week.
  8. they put me in your seat...and the result was the same.......I would still like to thank baby jesus
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