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  1. The only question that really matters is...Where's Jerry?
  2. Dude, waht about congrats for me...-$11 + $125 for second +$11 LL with Gallo = +$125 for the quarter....I will keep track of this...Last Quarter = -$132 for buyins -$11 for one LL with Gallo = -$143 +$515.70winnings = +$372.70 for last quarter (-$299 + 17.94tax)=iPhone+$55.76 for the quarter. Thanks everybody...maybe this quarter you can pay for my wife's iPhone. 8 beers ftw!!!!!!!!$11 LL with Gallo every week this quarter.....My name is Sid if anyone wants to call me tjhat/
  3. gg sir...thank you, your heads up play was fine, the cards were just on my side tonight
  4. The best part is I didn't get AA the entire tourney......ok the best part is winning......ok the best part is Gallo losing, but I still didn't get AA.
  5. Correction...first one on Pokerstars. I took down one with 24 runners on the crappy network...but this was much more satisfying...thank you for the kind words all.
  6. I am 5-3 as far as lasting longer than you...and that includes a 2nd place finish to your 1st place finish...you are going down.
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