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  1. This is the worst advice I’ve ever heard. Try running some sims BRO
  2. Couple things here. Your raise is perfectly fine on the turn, but when he re-raises here, I am just flat calling with 5-4 club club. It's not a made hand and that's what a lot of people seem to forget. I'd rather have 2-2 and catch a set in this position obviously then 5-4 club club and catch a club on the river. Not to mention with the flat call I have the ability to play the hand in position. It's a bit of a cooler like some people have pointed out, but I definitely disagree with them getting on you about shoving. It's a bad play to fold 5-4 club club after you have raised ... but it's not a
  3. This is quite a hand, nice read, just unlucky . You should post some more hands for discussion though, I'm interested in hearing more of your thought processes, and I think it'll help us all improve as players.
  4. Any chance you can make it so you're only withholding a % for taxes if the investor doesn't provide the necessary information? That's typically the standard, and makes it a lot easier for the people buying shares should you bink a score when it comes to dealing with their own taxes (it's a lot messier to deal with if it's withheld automatically)
  5. Did you wake up on time? We should meet up if you're still here
  6. I'll bet on donk4life winning, but I'll definitely need odds after seeing your level of analysis
  7. Can you explain what range you expect this guy to be raising, EA? And why specifically you decide you can bluff him on low boards?
  8. Yeah, to bluff him if the flop came low. That's probably a higher level than you'll ever reach. nh
  9. Reasons to bet/raise in poker:1) To get value2) As a bluff3) TO PUT THE OPPONENT ON NOTICE THAT WE HAVE A HAND/informationVery enlightening!
  10. You seem like a cool guy Rodney, where do you live in Texas?!
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