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  1. I had AJ in the hand ... after the hand played out he showed an Ace. I dont know what his kicker was but obviously it wasn't AQ otherwise he would've won the pot. I guess I'd have to put him on maybe an A-10 suited, something in that mid-ace range. I agree with your take aka, betting the river really wouldn't get me anything other than called by a worse hand in my opinion. Just wanted to get what others thought on the hand.
  2. Sorry, I had AJ. Thought I wrote that in the original post.
  3. So Idk this was kind of a weird hand for me in a tournament I was playing tonight. I feel like I played it okay, but I don't know if I played it too nittish or if it was okay to just check down the river with my hand. I am in the cutoff, Villian is sitting directly to the right of me. I have 6600 in chips, he has 10,800. Blinds are 120-240 (it's a turbo tournament, 12 minute blind levels). Villian opens the pot with a limp, I put in a raise before the flop to 560. Button folds. Small and Big Blind folds and the Villian just smooth calls. Now up to this point he had been playing INCREDIBLY tight. ABC poker, hasn't stepped out of line, and I hadn't see him play anything but premium hands. No C-betting, no aggression unless he has a premium hand so I have him on a pretty small range of good starting hands, especially with the limp to open the pot. Flop comes out 6c-As-4s. Villian checks the flop, I bet 900 into a pot of 1480. He snap calls without any hesitation. At this point I really put him on a premium A, potentially a flush draw. The turn peals off the 7d. Villian checks the turn. I bet 2200 into a pot with 3280 into it now. He smooth calls again. At this point, when he calls I am definitely thinking I am beat. I know that this is very hard to think considering I'm being a set of 4's, 6's, 7's, AQ, or AK with the range of hands I am putting him on pre-flop because of how tight he has played thus far, so I think I am in trouble. The river comes the Kh. He checks again. I just was not really sure what I should do at this point in the hand and with 7680 already in the pot, I feel like if I shoved here I was only going to get called by hands that had me in trouble. I decided to check the river. Is there any value in betting here on the river? Is there really anything I could have done differently in this pot? Or is 7680 on this hand a pretty good pickup at this point in the tournament?
  4. I think Variance means down the road in a different pot. As for the hand, I'm 50-50 on it. I completely understand where you were going but if you were going to get in that deep with the hand, I would definitely just call on the river. Realistically speaking, he's showing an incredible amount of strength in this hand, especially leading out on the turn. Depending on how good he is at putting people on hands, the perfect card to hit was the ace - and that's when he started to bet the hand good. He bet his draw which is something that I like to do, hit it on the turn, and led out into you hoping that you hit the ace which you did. When you call the turn, he knows that you either have an Ace, possibly a 7, and maybe a jack. The 9 of spades is a perfect card for you. If you have 9-9 and just hit, Im paying you off with a flush even if it's a baby flush at that. I just don't like the jam on the river because there's an incredible range being in the BB already that he could be playing. I know that most of the time for a 3x open, especially 6 handed I am defending with a very wide range. So he very easily could have 7x, he could have J-7 (though I don't think he'd play it that strong), 9-7, A-J, A-9 - just way too many hands that beat you, and not a lot of hands you can comfortably put him on that you beat. I don't think he'd lead out on the river with any Jx especially because you've said you have a pretty good image at the table. It's definitely an interesting hand, thanks for the share - it's a tough spot that's for sure, but I just don't like jamming the river because it's just a really blank river card.
  5. Yeah deep stacks are really good. I bubbled the final table of that tournament. Ran J's in K's, I was BB he was SB. Cold deck situation but I cashed so it's no big deal.
  6. Yeah, nothing you can do about that - but next time pop it a little higher than 1000 from 600, not even a min-raise - he re-raised which is weird, but even if he calls there he's getting all your chips. If I got out of line, and raised to 600 preflop with connectors like that, and then you only made it 400 more I'm getting my chips in the pot before you do, so you have to protect your big hands a little better pre-flop. But it sounds like this kid clearly is a moron. Bad beats happen, it's poker.
  7. Gad and Variance have it right. Whether in position or out of position, I like to bet draws (but I am more of a "reader" and an aggressive player so it depends on your style). I will tell you that when I first started out I used to be very passive when play straight and flush draws and I would not get paid off as much as when I am aggressive with them now. I like to bet the draws like Variance said because when you hit, it looks more like you're betting a pair in your hand or on the board - it's hard to put someone on a flush draw. But yeah, everything depends on situation, pot size, players in hand, pre-flop action, etc.
  8. Yeah I hear what a lot of you are saying, I went with my read and I push. I had him covered in the hand so it wasn't my tournament life - it was a good portion of my stack and it did set me back, but it didn't knock me out. I went with a read (the right one) but just couldn't get him off of the hand which happens I guess. Like I said during the tournament, oh well. Onto the next one. Thanks for all the feedback. And to answer your question Variance, it was a monthly deepstack tournament. It's a decent tournament I play in every month.
  9. This isnt the worst hand ever or the worst beat as I don't really like telling bad beat stories, but more of a horrible player story and me really just typing the hand out and racking my brain trying to figure out how I lost the hand: It's a tournament, we're in the early levels. Starting stacks were 15K, blind levels are 30 minute levels. I have been playing well, built my stack up to 53K so far due to actually flopping a straight and getting 2 players' stacks earlier on. We're at 75-150 level now and I am in the small blind. Second 2 act raises to 300, 5th position calls, cutoff calls, button calls, at this point it comes around to me and I decide that with all the money out there I am going to call and see a flop with 4-5 of clubs, assuming BB would call too (which he did). The flop couldn't have come any better for my hand: 8clubs, 7clubs, 5spades. I have a gutshot straight flush, straight draw, and bottom pair which I really felt was good here (put everybody on high cards). With 1800 in the pot, I decide to lead out and I went with 1200, figuring if anybody had something good they were either going to raise or get out now. BB mucked, original raiser mucked, 5th position mucked, cutoff mucked, and button called. When he called, I really put him on Ace high because of the draw heavy board, if he had a pair higher he'd probably raise to see where he was at. The turn paired the board with the 8diamonds. I led out this time into the pot of 4200 with a bet of 3800. He then raised to 14k. I went with my original read and put him on high cards trying to buy the pot, maybe putting me on a draw. I instantly shoved all-in as I felt calling was a bad play, and if he was on high cards I didn't want to call and have a Q hit the river. He called off the rest of his stack (about another 16k) with Aspades, 6hearts for nothing by A high and a gutshot that more than likely with that board texture is either chopping at best or losing. And of course, the river peeled off the Ace of Diamonds. I just chuckled at the hand and he said some smartass comment about how he knew Ace high was good, and that I wasn't convincing enough throughout the hand. I politely let him know that I wasn't mad, that if he wanted to continue to call off his stacks on horrible reads and go in way behind for his tournament life that I'd love to have him at my table. I am just confused as to how I lost this hand ... and as to how he thinks he made a good call. Because he literally said when he made that the call and he saw the cards that it was a good call. 4clubs, 5 clubs vs Aspades, 6hearts on a 8clubs, 7clubs, 5spades, 8diamonds board ... I've got to at least be 85% to win this hand. He's got 5 outs unless I am over looking something (2 aces, 3 sevens). Any thoughts?
  10. What did he have to say about your play? Tell him he's clearly a moron. I mean you got all the chips anyway. Idk what ace high flush is doing straight shoving into a paired board with just a flush. He's the bad player. With some much smooth calling, etc. somebody could easily be in there with a 7 so fullhouse posibilities are all over the place. You got all the money anyway, but the only thing differently I'd do is raise the flop, build the pot especially with there being so many people in it. Trust me, nobody is putting you on 6's full until the river.
  11. I personally am raising the turn. I want to get paid off big with this hand. Im probably putting the original raiser on 10's, maybe 9's - somewhere in that range. When the board comes out 776, it's pretty decent for his hand. He's certainly calling the turn even if you raise. If you get re-raised, you can control the pot by just calling and seeing what falls on the river. But I'd definitely raise as many streets as possible, disguises your hand a big. I probably would've raised the flop to be honest as well, because nobody is going to put you on 6's full, and not to many people are going to raise a 7 on that board texture, so raising the flop isn't a bad play either - as any pair over the board, maybe even AK is going to call you thinking that you're making a steal on the pot. Then for the rest of the pot, you have control and your hand is definitely disguised well. How did it turn out?
  12. It's a cash game with 4 players in there, to much money to hit your set - which you did. Check-raise the flop, it shows really good strength especially with that board texture. Sure, you want to extract value - but I think 135 + 270 in a 1-2 hand against 4 players for a pair of 6's in this pot is pretty decent value. Not to mention with that board texture, it becomes less about value at this point but more against protecting a very vulnerable hand. He may or may not have called - you'll never know - but the best thing in poker is to put your opponents to the test every step of the way. Make them sweat the rough and tough decisions. Once you make it anywhere between 360-500 you're showing a lot of strength and you're putting them to the test and all you have to do is sit back and know that unless they snap call, you're way ahead. It's always best if you're the one putting everybody to the test and not the one having to make the tough decisions. Aggressive is the way to go - especially with this board texture. Now, on a 6 K 9 board texture, I'm all for just flatting and then leading out on the turn, especially if a K or a 9 hits. Your hand is definitely well hidden and you're going to get paid off unless they boat up on the river (but hey, all you can do is play your best and let the cards do the rest).
  13. Couple things here. Your raise is perfectly fine pre-flop, but when he re-raises here, I am just flat calling with A-K. It's not a made hand and that's what a lot of people seem to forget. I'd rather have 2-2 and catch a set in this position obviously then A-K and catch a King on the flop. Not to mention with the flat call I have the ability to play the hand in position. It's a bit of a cooler like some people have pointed out, but I definitely disagree with them getting on you about folding. It's a bad play to fold A-K after you have 4 Bet ... but it's not always a bad play to let A-K go. Now, yes - folding after you have re-popped it is a losing play - but that's why you should have just flatted, and not re-opened your pot. Your only 2 plays were to push after his initial re-raise at that point or to just flat (which is what you should have done). A-K isn't a hand you really want to be calling 44K off pre-flop with blinds being at 400/800. I feel like a lot of players get into trouble with big Aces because they love to get into those race situations. You had position on this hand and that's the key. If you flat, and the board comes 5-8-10, it's really easy to get away from A-K. If you're saying you re-raised and then folded after he shoved, not a good move. Next time you should just flat and play your position in the pot.
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