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  1. Sounds like you're an ectomorph. A good clue is if you have a short torso in relation to your height (or really long legs, if that's easier to visualize). Here's a good guide: http://www.mens-total-fitness.com/ectomorp...-mesomorph.htmlEctos should check out the advice of Frank Zane, the first true ectomorph ever to win the Mr. Olympia. Ectos can pack on muscle, but it's hard.
  2. Shark is ready. cue the ski-boat.
  3. Zotamorf

    Kfc Time

    Haven't any of you people ever had Bojangle's?I've never wanted KFC since Bo came to town
  4. They used to be tradeable, pretty sure they still are.When you won the TEC, you also won $9. The point is you now have a free entry into any of the $100 + 9 tourneys on UB, either MTTs or SnGs.You can also use it as a partial entry fee into a bigger tourney.I'm not sure, if you can actually do this, but if you don't want to play a tourney for the whole TEC value, you should be able to register for a $100 tourney, then unregister. You should receive your $109 back in tourney dollars, which you can use in smaller buy-in tourneys, if you want. I know this unregistration trick works if you win
  5. This message brought to you on behalf of IBFT, who doesn't want to talk to anyone right now.
  6. Sports betting is a hole in a lot of people's our games. More power to you if you can win enough to beat the vig. But don't expect a lot of love around here for it.
  7. No all-in protection? Does PStars not have that?
  8. youknowwho would've wanted thisVoldemort?
  9. From the Front Page:Jul 3: 12:00pm $1000 Limit Hold'em ShootoutJul 4: 12:00pm $5000 2-7 Single Draw No LimitJul 5: DAY OFFJul 6: DAY OFFJul 7: DAY OFFJul 8: $10,000 No Limit Hold'em Main EventLet's hope not.
  10. Ad revenue is dropping as more people timeshift their favorite programs with DVR and such. GSN's little gamelets are just a way to try to bring more viewers to the show in real time. I fear we will see a lot more of this, if it works, that is.
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