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  1. Won like 500 bucks after playing in some free rolls on UB and I want to cash it out. Then these a-holes are telling me I need to deposit 25 dollars in the account before I can cash out. I do that. Now they tell me I have to put in a total of 50, not 25. What the hell is going on? Anyone play on this retarded site? What's the best way to cash out?
  2. Blowing steam on a .25/.50 table. Table Idaho Falls Come have fun with me. Good bye.
  3. You think the Main Event will have 1000 people next year after Sammy takes this down?
  4. IfeltIplayedreallygoodandIknewIhadtopushbutthenhesmoothcalledandIwaslikewtfI'mreallyhungrysoI'llcallandIlostandthatsucked-Rain Khan
  5. For a guy that busted pushing 5-6 preflop, Phil Gordon sure does criticize a lot....
  6. Lee Childs = class actSeemed like a regular down to earth dude
  7. Just so sick, thanks for the run diddyFull Tilt Poker Game #2930038621: $5 + $0.50 Tournament (21838380), Table 13 - 50/100 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:58:38 ET - 2007/07/12Seat 1: ShizzMoney (3,050)Seat 2: co0ljay51 (3,530)Seat 3: samiam777 (3,125)Seat 4: shadyshiner (4,150)Seat 5: pdmoney (2,040)Seat 6: HootieRules (1,452)Seat 7: boilerbirds (795)Seat 8: chkrazor812 (4,800)Seat 9: Theologian78 (2,295)shadyshiner posts the small blind of 50pdmoney posts the big blind of 100The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to HootieRules [Ts Td]HootieRules calls 100boilerbirds calls 100chkrazor812 c
  8. 1) Like tournaments? 2) MJ, but lets get some love for Stevie Nash. Sickest short white guy in the history of the game.3) HootieRules at FT....I am due
  9. Emailed support yesterday and they haven't replied yet. Thanks for the replies guys.
  10. Nope, registering and unregistering didn't work. Anyone want to get a mod involved as a 3rd party and trade for the TEC? 100 dollar buy in tournaments are a little out my element.
  11. 1) I won a Tournament Entry Chip through a free roll? What the hell is it? Can I trade it? 2) Pokersourceonline.com....Is it a legit site? Has anyone used it?TYVM
  12. Thought this was pretty funny. Found this on ESPN.com, a clip from an interview with the luckbox himself....Bluff: What do you think your chances are of making another final table, this year or any year?Kanter: [laughs] Main event? Oh boy! If I figure I am about 500 to 600 to 1 each year … umm … my odds are … if I could get 30 years in … I guess it should be about 20 to 1. That's if poker levels off … if not, I would say 30 to 1 to get back there in my lifetime.http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/poker/colum...&id=2522632
  13. "As a matter of fact, although the proponents of the bill say that online gaming is destroying the moral fiber of society, the bill allows a state to house an online gaming site for its citizens."This quoted from that Cardplayer article. What a joke....
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