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  1. Interested in this, are you saying 4betting QQ is better to do OOP or IP?I think it would be best to 4bet OOP since that means we have to make less difficult decisions postflop.
  2. Yeah this.They could have no idea how to float and decide to do it OOP, they could have called flop with a draw and then when you checked river decided you didnt have anything and bet, they could be value betting a top pair/second pair type hand becaus eyou look super weak or they could have been trying to slowplay their set and then you checked back the turn he thinks, "crap he's prolly not going to bet river, i have to bet for value"So I think the answer is "it depends"
  3. As other said, bet a bit bigger on the river, I wouldn't expect him to fold for $5 on the river and call $3.6 with a one pair Ax hand (which is what I assume we are trying to get value from, right?) Betting bigger gives you more valu and makes it much harder for someone to bluffraise you on the river, so you can be more sure that they have a strong hand.I'd fold river though.
  4. yeah this hand has pretty much been answered but I'd like to add that a flop c/r is pretty much a hand they are going to get in on the flop or a bluff which will likely give up on the turn if you call the flop, so slowplaying is not getting any extra value out of any part of his range.This is all very general advice ofcourse, some aggro players will follow up flop c/r bluffs with turn bluffs, but you would have noticed for sure they are aggro bluffy players already.
  5. I really don't understand why we would want to raise the turn.
  6. Whether or not your open KJo in MP is not going to make a big difference either way, how you play it post flop is way more important.
  7. If he has 44 or 55 he is def going to bet/call the river. So if you think his range is overpairs/sets/air I think it's best to call the turn and check/raise the river. If he has air he will just fold to a turn shove. We extract more value from the air part of his range by letting him bluff river again and we are not losing value from overpairs/sets since they will likely bet/call the river anyway.edit: didn't look at stack sizes, he will only have $12 left on the river with $26 in the pot so he would be pretty stupid to try and bluff the river with less than 1/2 pot sized bet left.
  8. HUD's are very useful if you are playing 4 or more tables, you can immediately tell who the fish are if they have like 67/12 stats.
  9. I agree that pot control is usually overrated but our hand is not particularly strong here. I'm probably less likely to pot control with A9, but 93 doesn't beat much.
  10. I'd proabably call river for the same reason.But seriously I can't see how this guy has a better hand than ours, he's not really representing anything so I sigh/call.
  11. I'm not folding the river as played. I'd probably check the turn for pot control. There aren't a lot of hands you beat that will call two barrels, especially now a 6 beats you.
  12. Yeah I think we can take the two pairs out for sure or at least make their frequency lower.
  13. I concur.Range on the river is KJ, 8x (if he is bad) and bluffs.He probably has KJ most of the time though.
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