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  1. Well duh, it's a heads up pot... either you win, or your opponent wins. See 50/50
  2. That little rule works about 40% of the time, which is enough. Me likey
  3. Baby This ^^^^ is the reason we have to bet the flop. You have to give bottom pair or a draw some chance to fold, since this is the worst flop possible for AK.Bet 7 because I don't like to pretend I recognize the opponents stack (since often I don't like in this thread), but it is a bet->call line
  4. Please don't even double barrel until you hit 50NL
  5. I'm gonna start a Puffy type movement "Raise or die"
  6. Not at all, this hand was played great Jd is a supereasy c/f so it is not the worst card in the deck in terms of decisions, just in terms of results
  7. I hope you do realize that I'm GIVING you this money and not asking you to hold it... if i wanted it held I'd keep it in my account. Go play a donkament or something it'll be close to $200That said I talked to my lawyer and I have some hope for returning... I'm taking the conservative route and am going to go along with parole's "plan" long enough to establish I can be a normal human being, and then I will take their asses to court.Online poker better hold up their end of the bargain and stay legal :)edit: Tskillz if you do not feel comfortable accepting it please let me know so I can give KJ
  8. Not a level. I am quite a horrible person when all my poker aspects are taken out of play. I've made some shit decisions that I think only Tskillz and MT were around for, got myself in legal trouble, and... hell if you're that interested its somewhere in this 300pg thread...I'm still online because the decision is not "official" (pending this coming Tuesday); although I won't play a single hand until it isn't (up to 9 years) simply because my emotions about this are so huge i couldn't focus.Also, Tskillz... please pm me your full tilt handle. I'm gonna get a rakeback payment friday that I won'
  9. Goodbye BAW, FTP, and online poker. My parole is going to be recommended that I no longer have the privilege of internet access.If no one takes any of my advice seriously but one piece, let it be this:Your actions have effects that you cannot foresee. When you intentionally choose to do something wrong, it will have an impact on the rest of your life and the lives of those you touch. Make solid life choices because when you make large mistakes you will never stop paying for them.
  10. Why would you check/shove with no FE on this line on that board?
  11. wow wtf is with the old threads continually bumped. I didn't even notice
  12. Limping = bad, raise or fold preFlop and Turn are fineLOL what are you doing on the river? Will you please pot that ish. As played easysupersnapcall
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