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  1. In the phrase of a song I know...."Cry me a river"
  2. I like your hand in this situation. I would play. Maybe re-raise to scare one of the two off. Pretty sure you don't have AA or KK if it got a bit roudy in this situation.
  3. Obv. it will be jennifer tilly. Obv...sw
  4. Phil IveyCashes 15 Total Winnings $3,582,519 Bill GazesCashes 11 Total Winnings $1,336,385 Phil Ivey also plays consistently in the high stakes games. He doesn't play in alotta tournaments unless the price is worth it. Although when he does play in them, he usually does extremely well unless he gets unlucky.
  5. I'll change you! Kidding. Appreciate the updates guys, thanks.
  6. Question with that though. I tried doing that and it wouldn't let me because my bank is gay with the e-gaming crap. I know a few sites that you have to call to get it to work. If I call them, will it work?
  7. Here are a few:All Main Event buy-ins will come with a Phil Hellmuth Energy DrinkorAll players must be able to spell poker
  8. and you always have to have that one kid who becomes an alcoholic, drug abuser, nymphomaniac and has a gambling problem.Just make sure to have a son who works for the government. He will be fine
  9. Feels more like a protection bet. I would call.
  10. You would need to be specific on what you want to be tracked. Do you want the tracker to tell you the odds of making your hand, or what?
  11. Two More choices to add onto that list: Phil IveyJohn Juanda
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