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  1. I'm broke ATM but plan on starting a personal challenge next Thursday (when I get my first paycheck LOL). I'll probably be aiming for much less (say, 100 - 5k). Its mostly just to prove to myself that I can make money at this, and hopefully learn some bankroll management along the way.
  2. He did a $1 to $20,000 challenge. The difference here is he has to start at zero and freeroll his starting bankroll, instead of just depositing another dollar whenever he goes busto.
  3. In this article Chris Ferguson talks about a side project of his that's looking to create a bankroll of $10,000 starting from zero. His only means of starting out is by doing freerolls.Cardplayer.com had a quote of him from one of the recent tournaments about where he's at now. His bankroll stands at $660 and he's playing in .25/.50 NL games. It took him a long time to grind up to that level. He's done freerols for 9 months and earned a total of $23 from them I wonder how many times he's gone broke, and how he can manage playing in the donkfests that are freerolls.
  4. Lebron tore up Detroit because they had no big man in the middle. Still I think Lebron could take Kobe...because Kobe can't play D
  5. The tournament is limited to parts of Europe...I think Ireland and the UK. If you manage to enter the right password it will check your location.
  6. I've only seen the first episode. They're really creative with their bets and are so sick they'll bet on anything LOL.
  7. Unlucky he had the aces you played well!
  8. "Observer chat privileges are available only to those who have a buy-in for this tournament in their account. You fail at life."I've been watching for a while nice double up with the Aces
  9. Turning Stone Casino is 18+ ...about a 3 hour drive East on the Thruway from Buffalo. Its where I play when I'm not broke They have a nice poker room, and some new dealer-less tables for 24-hr SNG's.
  10. Damn all I have is hot Greg Raymer porn
  11. That was quite a match so many lead changes and you had that guy on the ropes twice. Very well played.
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