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  1. I bet he has the same hand.Shove the turn so you get the last bet in, and hope we are freerolling with the flush draw.Idk maybe that's overplaying AK, and playing a big pot with one pair, so maybe this is bad advice, but that's probably what I would do since I always like to put the pressure on.
  2. OK so here's the updates.He checks behind on the turn.river is the A . I check and he bets 700.Now fold right?I don't have enough left to get him off his hand, barely enough to minraise, so that's out of the question, and there is no hand I can beat IMO.As for "tester betting" the turn, I would have to bet at least 800 since we each just put in 660 on the flop for it not to look weak, and any bet would commit me for my whole stack, and I don't want to commit my whole stack with this hand, so I don't think that's possible. I still finished up 200 on the night, not great, but better than los
  3. 1. OTB, sure.2. Some, not all. Definitely not weak/passive though if that's what you were getting at3. Idk, four maybe.
  4. The game is 10-20 NLHE at a local card club. Which is much higher than my usual 1-2/2-5, but the smaller games weren't running tonight, so I jumped in the "big game" with the highrollers. Kind of a mistake.I bought in for $1200 and was up to over $2000 in the first few hours. Here's the hand.The first player in this hand is Raj Patel, winner of the WPT event at foxwoods this past April and $1.4 million dollars. The other guy in question is a local pro, with some good finishes at other foxwoods tournaments, and a regular 10-20 NL player. So there are a bunch of limpers, and I am in the SB
  5. so what happens now? I was shorthanded in like 6 SNGs simultaneously. Do I get my chip equity back or what? how does that work.
  6. Final Table1/8Southrnctowl on starscome cheer me on
  7. Yes.You're in the money, so take a risk and go for the win. He will probably fold anyways.
  8. Yes.You're in the money, so take a risk and go for the win. He will probably fold anyways.
  9. Their is no luck at all in the long run. When I play turbo's, I push all in if people are limping in, if it is worth the risk to increase my stack by at least 25%. Also if the button minraises at the 75/50 and 100-200 level, I'm pushing all in over the top every single time regardless of what I have. Never let yourself get below 5 BBs. And be extremely aggressive on the bubble. Turbo's especially and even regular sit n goes to an extent are not real poker. I am never playing any flops, just pushing all in before the flop. When I do this, I always make sure I am first to the pot, unless
  10. Check/raising out of the blinds makes it pretty obvious you are strong. Since he limped in preflop, he probably doesnt have an ace. If you're going to check, you might as well check/call the whole way to let him hang himself more. Otherwise lead out, hope to get raised, then you can win an even bigger pot when he does have an ace.
  11. I would have reraised all in before the flop. As played this is an instacall.AK is not a foldable hand before the flop in a sit n go.
  12. 1. Bad idea. Wait for big hands to trap a maniac.2. There's nothing wrong with calling off all of your chips with this draw, even though it is early. With 15 outs twice, and maybe even 3 aces for 18, you're a favorite over one pair, or even two pair, and you're close to even money against a set. (I'm sure someone would be glad to pokerstove it.) This is an instant call.
  13. Whew, I was hoping someone would say that instead of everyone being like check duh.Yeah I decided to push because no one was showing strength and I stood to increase my stack by 30% if everyone folded. Even if they do call, I'm not likely to be dominated.I did have a tight image as I always do in the early levels.
  14. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t100 (7 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)Button (t2160)SB (t1405)Hero (t1255)UTG (t440)MP1 (t2620)MP2 (t2130)CO (t4185)Preflop: Hero is BB with J , 7 . 1 fold, MP1 calls t100, MP2 calls t100, 2 folds, SB completes, Hero ...?
  15. Poker doesn't have very many absolutes, but I think never fold AK in a SNG is one of them. I shove.
  16. Theres more than one way to approach a rebuy
  17. Southrnctowl on stars1/8Come cheer me on
  18. Hand 16: I also like a lead rather than a checkraise on this flop. If you checkraise, your announcing the strength of your hand. On a flop like this, either someone has an ace or they don't, if they do, you're likely to get raised, then they are pot committed when you shovel, instead of having a chance to get off of AK or A Q or J 10 or something like that.Hand 20: I usually raise when I am first to the pot because it gives you control of the hand, a chance to steal the blinds without confrontation, and they never know what you have if you play different hands the same. I think I would gi
  19. I'm sure they will make everything ok
  20. Lol I just wrote them an email like probably thousands of other people.This is BS I wasn't even in the middle of anything but it's still -EV. Lol Donkaments.
  21. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t600 (7 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)saw flop|saw showdownHero (t10650)UTG (t12325)MP1 (t12047)MP2 (t16550)CO (t9306)Button (t8945)SB (t8932)Preflop: Hero is BB with A , A . 1 fold, MP1 raises to t1800, 4 folds, Hero calls t1200.Flop: (t3300) 6 , 3 , 7 (2 players)Hero bets t1200, MP1 raises to t4200, Hero raises to t8800So it's on the bubble almost and I don't have a ton of chips, not quite shortstacked but a double up would still be nice. I took the chance in slowplaying my aces preflop, to le
  22. Flop call is fine, I fold to the all in reraise
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