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  1. As a Redskins fan this just brings back so many memories of Sean Taylor. Such a tragedy...RIP.
  2. Translation: "I'm way out of my league, so I'll turn the tables and make him feel like he is." Well played...I think.Oh and how bout coming up with a new slang term for God, the whole zombie mystical dragon lord warrior thing is getting old, not offensive, just old and repetitive. I'm sure you can think of something waaaaaaaay better than that.
  3. actually i say it because you express A LOT of doubt and flip flop A LOT. Then you come in here and talk about how awesome your so called pre-season "prediction" was. Perfect logic IMO.
  4. I just love the flip-flopiness of your posts, classic fair weather fan speak.
  5. come rail!sitting 2/3 on FT tourney# 97325871almost $400 for 1st...small compared to others on here, but i'll take it!!...oh and I have not chat fwiw
  6. this would be a fine explanation if you didn't actually start threads with titles like "Magic Zombie Receeds," and "Hey idiots." You start threads with insults, not with the intention of having a conversation, so how do you know that "things are just going to go the path of "my superstition has a perfect out when it comes to any contradiction or absurdity?" Don't get me wrong, I don't ever take you seriously, and you've never ruffled my feathers...I actually find your posts pretty hilarious and harmless (to anyone other than yourself). I actually look forward to your threads because what yo
  7. Vacating wins is the biggest joke punishment ever. In regards to the Alabama situation this quote pretty much sums it up..."Unless a school has to vacate a National Championship, I really don't see how vacating past wins is any sort of punishment for a college football program. Either you think the rules they broke are serious enough to penalize them now, or it's pure B.S. Does Alabama have to return any of the bowl revenues they earned during the seasons where they made it to the post season, allegedly between the 2005 and 2007 seasons? That would include one Independence Bowl, where they
  8. Congratulations...I think. Is congratulations the right terminology here?
  9. wish I could, but I've got an early day tomorrow...good luck to your horses!
  10. HOLY CRAP!!! I can't believe there are more than one of us out there. Seriously, I can't believe I'm not the only one who does this!! I will also count out the letters in a sentence or phrase until they match my age, right now I'm 33 so the 3x works perfect. LMAO I can't believe I'm sharing this.
  11. I once had a teller ask me about my deposits (Pokerstars) because there were like 4 in the matter of a week (sports betting thread losses ). I told him they were for a poker site, and we proceeded to have a 20 min. discussion on the WSOP. He was a 20-something kid, so I knew he wouldn't make a big deal out of it. My bank seems fairly loose with poker/sportsbetting deposits as I'm sure they have somewhat of an idea what they are. Small town local banks ftw!
  12. Did somebody in this thread lose a broom? Cause I was just asked to return it by some guy claiming to be an Anaheim Angel.
  13. In the oven as we speak...just add ranch.
  14. My debit/credit card still works, but the allaccess gc's have always worked for me in the past as well.
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