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  1. That was a sick performance though. A 59 year old shouldn't be in contention for a PGA Major Championship let alone come in 2nd. Well done.
  2. Well, the e-checks method isn't working on PokerStars now at least according to my pokerstars and then I tried using my DEBIT Card to deposit with MasterCard and it got declined and I'm just frustrated now.Anyone know any other possible way I can find a way to put money on PokerStars? I just want to play some poker really bad...And the fact that I can't is frustrating. Is there anyway anyone on here can accept money from me and then once they get it send it to me through pokerstars?Idk...
  3. How far into the Negreanu Open is it already?
  4. There's nothing about me to like which is therefore why you should sent the $4.60 to PhillyKid92
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