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  1. oh sweet, I just saw zachs post. I was getting bored of doing that.
  2. Tier 2 F11. Eric Staal (Car - F) Golden Seals 54.50 12. Jonathan Toews (Chi - F) BlackDevilHawks 54.00 13. Patrick Sharp (Chi - F) Golden Seals 52.50 14. Bobby Ryan (Anh - F) The Lost Cause 52.50 15. Brad Richards (Dal - F) Newmarket Hurricanes 52.50 16. Thomas Vanek (Buf - F) Newmarket Hurricanes 52.50 17. Henrik Zetterberg (Det - F) DTD Injured Reserve 52.00 18. Danny Briere (Phi - F) Halifax Moneyshots 51.00 19. Jeff Carter (Phi - F) Tulane Flyers 51.00 20. Claude Giroux (Phi - F) FA 50.50 21. Patrick Kane (Chi - F) The Lo
  3. Was bored and was looking at tiers.Tier 1 Forwards1.Corey Perry Broadway 74.002. Daniel Sedin Golden Seals 72.503. Steven Stamkos Golden Seals 68.004. Martin St. Louis Newmarket Hurricanes 65.005. Jarome Iginla Golden Seals 64.506. Alex Ovechkin Newmarket Hurricanes 58.507. Ryan Kesler asdfjkl; 57.008. Henrik Sedin Halifax Moneyshots 56.509. Teemu Selanne Halifax Moneyshots 55.5010. Patrick Marleau Broadway 55.00
  4. I liked it. I have seen it three times but I don't own it. I own Zombieland. I found that funnier.
  5. Yeah, mine is black also. 50% wow. I think 20% is the max allowed in Michigan on the back and back sides. Front and front sides is like 10%. I may have to go investigate.Edit: So front can be any darkness on the top 4 inches and no tint allowed on the lower part of the front windshield.Front side windows can be any darkness level on the top 4 inches but no more than 35% reflective and no tint allowed on the lower part of the window.Rear window and rear sides can be any darkness level and no more than 35% reflective.Hmmmm...
  6. Can I get a pic of this? I was thinking of tinting mine this summer but have yet to see one with tint. What % did you get?
  7. I guess God does like her. Agreed on pretty much all of it. I still like Zev and ? Justin?
  8. What part of "all of it" did you not understand?
  9. I would hide if I had his team.This should get him out of hiding
  10. I am pretty certain that no team or player shuddered. I would think most of all hockey is hoping for his return. You would hate to see a player like that not return from injury.
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