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  1. cue dead baby jokes?-had family members in both the pentagon and tower 2 on september 11. Both fine
  2. such a gross spot but I shove most of the time here. mp 1 shows up with pp's so much i try and get value outa them. I think your ahead enough times here to shove and thats what it comes down to
  3. that what I was thinking. $50 = 1/4 pot the greatest would be if button was thinking on like the 6th level and knew you thought that he misclicked. wait i think thats still only thrid level. we do have show down value but have to get through 2 more streets and i think the cheapest way of doing that is using our bet sizing instead of relying on his. if he raises were in a tough spot but at least we have some info we just look like were on blind steal, c bet, check fold line here so I think I reneg my past statement and call with all factors included.
  4. truth^^^the only thing I am finding interesting is his bet sizing. In the hands earlier you saw a 1/4 pot bet while bluffing and a 2/3 pot bet as his value. The 2.7/1 pot bet makes me wanna call just cuz I am a donktard and I hate being curious. But there are def going to be better spots. What do you think about betting turn?
  5. ^^^^^thishavent really played to many donkaments but usually around 30-50
  6. 1. Failed attempt at humor2. Accidental success at humor
  7. Merry Xmas everyone! Happy Chanukah Gibler! A solemn December 25th Atheiests! and I still dont know what Kwanza is but happy/ merry that too~!Think I covered most of my bases...
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