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  1. Doyle no question----This tourny decides the best overall player. Doyle is the best player in history--even given all the physical pain and loss of stamina from age, he's still the force.Chip is rumered, well lets just say he was a winner in the games Tony the Ant's boys played in hustling whales out of millions--Scr#w him. Doyle should ask for new decks often.Phil Ivey is great, he just isn't Doyle yet experience wise--a long-time at the table favors him thoughTJ should go top 3 or 4, maybe better---He DOES know something about NL HM!!! The problem is the others know all his moves--but he
  2. I don't care if a bunch of teenagers aren't smart enough to follow all the standard high stakes card games. The tournament is to decide the best player in all 5 games---At the final table however, I think they should rotate through the games until Hmnl starts, and stay with it. That's because position is very important in HM relative to the other games---it evens things out a bit, so the switches (and slow play) don't dramically give one player advantage at short handed change-overs.
  3. What-ever limit you play online, play that at the Casino. If you've never played, try a jacks or better Video Poker machine that pays 9 for a FH, 6 for a flush. If you win $50, quit and brag while watching you friends lose.
  4. Yes I've "backed" players at the WSOP--- There are 3 reasons: 1) It's a gorgeous girl and she also wants to stay in your room, 2) they're solid winners or 3) theyre friends from home, you know they play great, and they've lent you money, AND paid you back. I've backed several players on individual tournaments from AC and made good money. In Vegas I've heard that Helmouth has backed several top guys for all the entire WSOP event before. But the reason to back them is they're bad gamblers and lost their money at craps or something, not that the're losing poker players. There are lots of top pl
  5. Answers sure say something about fame don't they? Gordon took the time to write a small readble book---try it, that's hard! He's made a major accomplishment to business before selling his interests (net plus jobs), he's traveled the world, but given a lot back both in charity promotions and as donations.------------Now when Helmouth goes onto the Pearly Gates-I fear St. Peter will quote Mike the Mouth---" The badboys-- kid game is down the street--see the fire??"
  6. It's a straight business decision. DN is so clearly better than almost all final table two-day wonders, the question is - "Which event gives me the best odds of a bracelet". The win is worth much more than whatever the prise money might be in terms of his overall business interests. So I'd think he's go with the smallest fields possible--even 2-7 draw if they have it this year.
  7. I'm biased because I played vs. Ivey for hundreds of hours before he moved to Vegas--The CORRECT answer is Ivey---as long as it's in a legal Casino with a camera. Ivey is a strong odds calculator (favoring him in Omaha, & the hi-low's and mixed games), is very stable emotionally, and has great physical endurance resulting in long-hours with mental strengh.
  8. ------------That's funny--"learning to walk be fore crawling"--Like Tiger Woods learning golf before he could tie his own shoes. Phil was playing the low limit 7-stud first at the Tropicana. He'd sometimes move to our Thursday $15-$30 7-hi low game. Occasionally some fish(s) would come in and they'd switch to O-8, but it's easy to pick up, if you already know Stud 8 hi-low. Later Ivey went up the street to the Taj and play in the $75-$150 Stud game--The only time he'd play Holdem was $50-$100 limit, bored out of his mind, waiting to get in the big mixed or stud game.
  9. ------------------------------------I have a statistical background as well, with advanced degrees Of coarse a conspiracy is absurb. That said, the simple fact is a "truly random" number generator (RNG) has never been invented. Many current one's at least offset any daily bias by changing the random number SEED. While the online generators are intended to be unbiased, on any given day, there may be a small bias. Over the long run, this rest (often a long prime number in the "Phi" series), offsets that bias.-------However that's not the same thing as saying NO RNG has not caused a bias to bi
  10. For your idea of variance--NO!!, Sorry: 5000 (your 6,600 hands) random Monte Carlo trials would be more than enough to show your win is NOT variance. BUT as a math major-- you know darn well there has been replacement, the conditions changed (both players and bet size) and other things varied-- causing this result to be statistically invalid. ----------You're on a good luck streak---I'd recommend you set aside $5,000 for your wifes savings account for a family emergency, and keep playing just like you are!!! --------If you run it up to $25,000 or so, I'd strongly recommend you try to buy into
  11. Too bad--Cong Do is the best hi-low player in Atlantic City and a big winner in the $4,000-$8,000 mixed cash games. I posted in another thread he's the one who tought Phil Ivey to play Omaha (before Ivey won 2 Omaha bracelets). I think Cong has been in the money like 7 times in O-8 at WSOP, but only gotten a second.------------------ Really a stupid amateur move to not knock out another player and move yourself up a place. But, the thing is the winner is an old-time loser from these tounaments--you'd think he'd at least know the basics by now.
  12. The 20M is too much for a WSOP--but I have SEEN pretty close to that!! IN 2000 a fish from Canada (they said a Nortel Corp. founder) kept rebuying for $750,000 cash. The game was $4-$8K blinds, NL hm. The guy kept pushing all in after the flop or turn and stealing the blinds/anti's. But every once in awhile he'd get called. I saw Hasan Habib win at least $5M from him--just calling. Everytime he went broke, the floor wheeled in another metal cart piled with bricks of cash. Eventually Ivey got a seat and won a small (relatively) pile. The guy quit when Sammy Farha played K 3 suited and f
  13. A 2 4 5 was such a better hand than yours---I can't believe you got so lucky and hit the 3 outer K for such a big pot, Maybe you're right--Stars looks pretty juicy! LOL
  14. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------YES!! As I posted earlier yesterday (Post 134), Cong Do from Brigantine (Atlantic City) is the guy who got Phil Ivey playing Omaha early on. Cong was top player in the East Coast "big game" before Ivey won 2 Omaha and a H.O.S.E WSOP bracelets. I've seen Russ Selzer briefly and hear he's a strong player. Zero idea about the others--maybe someone here knows them locally though-or maybe they're donks--------I think DN clearly has the edge in this field because of his tournament experience---If they let the blinds
  15. I don't understand why it's thought that his least strong game is Omaha like the intro says. Generally in Atlantic City his least favorite game was actually holdem--which he learned late. He was a 7-stud, then hi-low specialist after that--especially Omaha 8 and Stud 8. He's got WSOP titles in S.H.O.E. and TWO in Omaha PL--so I just don't agree he's weak in any form of Omaha, cash or tournament----------
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