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  1. I own these chips and I was very pleased by the shipping time and the product itself. They are ceramic similar to Chipcos, and they are quite nice as well.
  2. So the final table of the h.o.r.s.e is set. I know Doyle is probably always the sentimental favorite and Ivey always has a huge following, but who are you guys wanting to win this. I really hope Chip Reese does. It would be great for him to get some real recognition in the mainstream.
  3. jrme33

    paul phillips

    i'd say the fact that he has millions and can sit around all day with his daughter shows that he has been smart at some point in his life.
  4. jrme33

    paul phillips

    no, you cant think that and believe what you say you believe.....maybe if more "christians" realized this, we wouldn't have some of the pointless problems we have had and continue to have.
  5. i completely agree with you man. it happens in at least every couple sit-n-go's i play. everytime i fold and it gets showndown i try to explain to them why they shouldn't do it. i try to never be a "coach" at the table, but i feel this is one situation where saying something is justified. unfortunately the bluffer never really gets it. this almost as annoying as the infamous"double blind preflop raise" in nl hold'em games.
  6. You know what I can't understand??????? When someone makes a post, and the rest of the forum raises hell calling him a donkey. If this man is in fact a donkey......DON'T TELL HIM!!!!! get to his table as quickly as possible if you have the bankroll to do so. I see it here over and over and over. If you are a real player, stop responding to all the shitty posts. Do not make them aware of their flaws cause it might lose us all money. This is a poker forum, or at least it is supposed to be.
  7. did anyone else just see the "nice nipples" comment. wtf?!?! ,lol
  8. make sure you guys are checking out the chat, dn is doing some serious needling to this kid.
  9. I love how cnn bases its whole article on the sale of poker chips. How many sets do they think people buy? every poker player isnt going to buy a new set every month. And what was that about Doyle's bid being investigated by the securities and excahnge commission? Did i miss something?
  10. Finally!!!! Someone just got straight to the point and came out with it. I got more out of that couple minutes of reading then I got out of reading whole books on poker.
  11. banned??would you want to ban the guy that assumes you are three feet long? with the exception of the slight curvature, hes generously endowed.
  12. yes i have read sshe. and believe me i know about the donks. after playing about 3000 hands at this level i had aces cracked three times in a half hour. nothing is worse then running bad when the deck is hitting you in the face with good cards. but at this limit you win hands you wouldnt think you would win, and you lose the hands you expect to win.
  13. I have been grinding it out for for a while now and have finally moved up to .50/1 limit. So far I have been crushing it, but I was just curious what others are beating this limit for. For those of you that have a large sample size at this limit, what is your bb/hr looking like? I know that it can vary from site to site depending on table selection,but i figured someone with a large amount of hands at this limit could give me a heads up on how soft it is in the long run and what you are beating it for.
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