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  1. oh yeah, the HORSE games are nuts. people dont know how to play half the games. razz it what really will give u a nice stack. when i was playin it the guy three bet it because he had pkt KK with a high card showing. when asked why, he said "what do u mean i had pocket kings."
  2. yeah the HA games are ridiculous. pots get so big during the omaha part. people play anything. the HO games are kinda dead tho. and only 6 handed? im lookin now and theres only 12 people playing HO total.
  3. yes they are awsome i highly recommend
  4. finally my dreams have come true. full tilt keep sgetting better and better!
  5. full tilt by far. the software is awsome. (i think theres less suckout too, but thats just me)
  6. never heard of it, but judging by what others say thats a good thing
  7. Placed 2nd in a MTT last night, and after the toury and today my cards have just been so dry. Anyone else notice a lack of cards after a finish?
  8. "wow thats" awsome! always good to get a streak
  9. i think you have to play tight in a cash game, but make plays mor eoften in tourys in order to stay alive.
  10. ur right! economics and psychology for me
  11. where do u go to school???? i go to assumption
  12. hells yeah! nightwish is awsome. i hope the singer is awsome tho. its hard to picture them with sumone else tho
  13. Anyone in here go to any of the colleges in Worcester MA?? If you do, any games you guys play in that have an open seat???
  14. im from CT. theres a little underground place called foxwoods, but of course i wouldn't know since im only 20
  15. ghostlovescore is a name of a song by a band called Nightwish
  16. How does eveyone like the new FCP software? ive only played on the old one (pokerroom). Better or worse?
  17. Hey, new to the forum. Just saying Hello.
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