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  1. hah yea I was that skinny brown kid (although not indian lol) I was wearing a black hoodie most likely. If you are who I'm thinking of we pretty much played no hands together except one where the board was ace high and I check called you flop and turn, then I led out and you folded. Jesus no neck that sounds like a lot of fun and thanks for the advice loland thats some crazy shit pokerbum rofl
  2. 1. This might be true thanks, did feel like I would be right there at least half the time. 2. lol yea probably, I was still tilting and spewing every pot, that tourney was a lost cause =(4. I don't believe in rushes really, but I do think that there is a lot of momentum in the game. Sometimes when things go bad, they go really bad so I just figure to come back another day. Also while I might not blatantly tilt, there is definitely subtle tilt, especially live. Edit: LOL
  3. I did not think there was a chance. I was wrong. Thanks
  4. It's not worth anything lol, if anything it questions your own manliness; or maybe your wife's for this matter. Also, I wasn't going to say anything else but I will make 2 more points, after this you can think whatever you want I don't care. 1. Maybe if I haven't smoked for a few months, or even a week, I would say my judgment may be impaired because I am high. But when I've been stayin' high for the last 2 weeks it would probably be more weird to be sober.2. I would absolutely never ever drive if I think that there is even the slightest chance of jeopardizing someone else's life. I really did
  5. BLAHI hate responding again...I know what happened to me was a huge combination of getting really lucky (no one hurt, getting arrested etc WHICH I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR) and getting really unlucky (didn't have to spin out first place, seatbelt ticket, pulled over 2nd time etc)Also let me make this perfectly clear, me being high and driving is safer then a sober person talking on the phone while driving, I can absolutely promise you this. ...and I wasn't in Alabama, pretty sure it was still Florida, and the deerhunter/deersniper thing was most likely bullshit, some ******* probably just saw me a
  6. LOLI obviously expected some negative responses, probably deservingly so.No, I'm highly doubtful the fact that I was high had anything to do with it.The fact that I hadn't slept in over 24h and thought I could keep driving was really stupid, really didn't think I was as tired....And it was 100% alright for the cops to hold us for over 2 hours with pretty much no probably cause.I'm sure it was also alright to **** with me like that the 2nd time, pull me over for no tag light when I don't think that was the reason, and search me within the next 5 minutes. For those curious about the second time,
  7. Not really my thing, but I haven't posted in a while and I figure this experience might be worth sharing for several reasons haha. About 40% Poker Content. The plan was to go to New Orleans last week for the WSOP circuit events probably monday morning. FYI there is a little hobby that I like to take with me when I play poker. So after another suicide sunday, at about 1-2am we decide to pack it up and start leaving. My buddy and I aren't sure if we are gonna make it there the same day or if we'll spend a night somewhere or whatever we just decide to start going (after being awake for 20h+) and
  8. how much is it? I'll take UB for stars if you want
  9. stealing in position is so last yearand personally I don't love the re-steal (unless its OOP)
  10. Mkind always makes me But seriously dude, with another 10k and a solid strategy UB BJ is very beatable, good luck!
  11. ggs... pretty crazy day thanks for all the rail and support
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