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  1. thanks man. 872 more posts and you'll have 14,000!
  2. well then your aunt is a ****.
  3. I still have access to restructure the website. Any ideas?
  4. This is the email I sent my boss and everyone else in the office on Saturday at 1am. Enjoy!From: andycsoul@hotmail.comTo: victoria@victoriarptg.com; arivera@victoriarptg.com; jross@victoriarptg.com; harry@victoriarptg.com; production@victoriarptg.com; scheduling@victoriarptg.com; jmiklos@victoriarptg.com; vrock@nextel.blackberry.net; enape@victoriarptg.comSubject: I forgot one thingDate: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 00:44:18 -0500Dear the fat ****ing **** who owns Victoria Court Reporting, I forgot to mention on my way out today that I will not be accepting calls, emails, or any other communication regarding anything that I've done or any procedures that I've created. You made the decision to let me go (as an early birthday present I guess, isn't that right you vindictive ****ing whore?). I will answer questions for $200/hour, and because I've never done work with your firm before, I will be handling you as COD. I can't wait for you to get your first digital job in. You won't know your ass from a hole in the ground, and with your fat ****ing sister being as slow as she is, I can't imagine she'll be much help. I guess it's a good thing you are a believer in divine intervention, because obviously it hasn't been your business skills that have kept you in business this long. Things were easy when the business ran itself and you could pretend it was your intelligence that got you there, but now you have chased away 60% of your business, and you still have the ignorance to blame everyone but yourself. You are pathetic. Not only are you the worst business owner I have ever met, you are one of the stupidest people I've ever met, and I've met some damn stupid people. You have no concept of time management, healthy employee relations, or anything else neccessary to run a successful business. There is no reason you should still be around except for the inability to accept the fact you are not cut out to keep up with competitors. I regret every second I spent putting up with your ignorance of technology, non-existant listening skills, and general bitchiness that I dreaded so much I rarely slept on Sunday nights. If I had a time machine, I would go back to May and take the other job that I had offered, because unlike the "benefits" you offered, this company's were actually real, as opposed to a blatent lie, and also I wouldn't have to deal with your wrinkly ****ing ass everyday. I love that you offered to help me find something in "finance" as I left. Like I would ever use your stupid ass as a reference. Jonni - you are also a ****, and I wish I was there to see your face the day you get let go. You may think I'm crazy, but all I can say is you'll see. I would wish you good luck on the future of your "business", but I would rather not waste the energy. I know you are going to fail, and that is what makes everything ok. I can't wait for the day I hear you go out of business, not because I want to see my former co-workers, the innocent victims of your hatefullness, fail, but because I can't think of a more deserving person to fail than you. You are a selfish piece of shit and you deserve any failure that will come your way. I wish you the best of luck in your unplanned early retirement, and hope you find that you are better at activities more suited to your skill level, like gardening, drinking, and watching squirrels through the window. To everyone else - I enjoyed working with you and I wish you the best of luck in escaping hell. You all deserve better, and please never forget that. **** you bitch, Andy
  5. It happened twice. Hard to break old habits.
  6. At the Shoe in Hammond, the dealer's define your staging area as the area behind your cards. Every other casino I've ever played live in either has an inner ring to the table or some other sort of logo or something that you must place your bet beyond for it to be in play. I usually keep my cards pretty close to the rail, and so I obviously ran into problems when I was shuffling chips in front of my cards while I was waiting for action to come to me. Once I was forced to call a preflop bet of $10 when I had every intention of folding. Up until this point I've never had a string bet called on me in several years of playing live, ever. Has anyone else ran into this?I should say it worked to my advantage once when I moved on a guy and got insta called. The dealer called a string bet and I only had to call. The guy proceeded to tilt away his stack. Fun times.
  7. It seems as though E-Checks work for all on PS. Just wondering if any particular banks are worse than others for accepting it. After searching I read B of A works fine, but haven't seen anything on Chase/Wamu. Thanks.
  8. Teavis

    Tough One

    Yeah I folded easy. The representing an ace thing came to mind a few hands later. I just thought given that we were both deep stacked I might be able to get away with a huge bet on the river.
  9. like_a_knife, clintonville (actually chicago)
  10. Hero has 8h-9h in bb 1-2 game at the shoe, hammond. 5 callers i check.kh-kc-ah is the flop. im in second position. checks around.turn: 10h check, check, 5, 10, i raise to 30, raised to 60, fold, fold, fold, i make a bad call.river: As. i check, villain bets 60.i have 500 in front of me, villain has 300. can i push to represent the ace here or do my actions on the turn **** me over?
  11. 59979866 if you want to see how its done
  12. Yeah I figured. But can you cash out directly to a bank account through Epassporte in a state where you can't use state issued check cards/credit cards to fund a gambling account?
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