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  1. Great post as usual, congrats on marriage. Somewhere, some kids are about to get a great teacher they're likely to remember for a long time.
  2. As soon as she's up to it, try to make sure she gets great rehab in a facility that specializes in stroke recovery. It can really help.Hope she gets well soon.
  3. GG Q Have some mozzarella and fresh basil to celebrate
  4. Hope so FCP Info, but if I were you I wouldn't keep more money in any bank account than is insured by CDIC :Pedit: keep an eye out for housing downturn and unemployment upturn..........oh and I seem to have wandered into the wrong forum...how'd I get in here....can you direct me back out before I get stuck in here lol
  5. <------------Just went through 7 days without power and water due to a horrible icestorm here in December 2008 (ie end of Bush admin.). Most of central Massachusetts and parts of New Hampshire were declared a disaster area. Shoooooot.........was I supposed to be outraged? Aw..damn....I forgot to be outraged!!! Wut a dumbass I am. Here I am grateful to the people who helped us out and all along I was supposed to be outraged!!!
  6. I want some TARP (oh...doublepostament)
  7. Quite possibly, but don't count us out just yet. Further info: http://www.pgpf.org/ Agreed. hi bob lol Q is a very funny tomato
  8. Ew....I think I'm older than FCP Info :PHad Jim Morrison poster on walls. First show: Jackson Browne.Most "oops...ah what was in that thing I just smoked" show: Grateful Dead/Bob Dylan (which I snuck into obv cuz nobody ever paid for Dead tickets )Best show: Prince at the Roxy in Boston. Simply unreal...edit: "QFO" .........that's funny Silky
  9. Nice gesture and words Gil.It is going to take all of us.......Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians..........to pull together to get through the tough times coming our way. But I think we can
  10. Don't take this the wrong way but................ Are you okay? Listen to BG and Nutz:Dedit: Oh and if she calls back and says she has a stock investment opportunity, 20% every year.......RUN RUN RUN
  11. Janfor99


    Two all beef pattiesspecial sauce, lettuce cheese,pickles, onions,on a sesame seed bun!It's been years and that damn jingle still gets in my head! (I may need electoshock therapy and some Spud Beer )
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