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  1. Maybe I did misunderstand it but I thought it was about the present and the future. I didn't get the impression that everything is under control... Calm down guy. I'm sorry if I came across as condesending (I guess I must have...). I have no interest in seeing you go down, even if my mother wouldn't be raped as a result... My good luck wish was genuine.The reason I posted was that the movie was pretty shocking I thought, and in the movie they make it clear that most americans have no idea of how bad their economy really is. A few statements were: "this is the single biggest threat to our natio
  2. It's an american movie, it was just shown here... It was also on CNN a few days ago from what I understand.
  3. Saw this on swedish television today: http://www.iousathemovie.com/You americans are in for a rough ride it would seem... Good luck!
  4. Man... He gets up to 4 Million and then busts with pocket fives... oh, the irony.
  5. Sorry, just happened to see it and thought someone might be interested...
  6. Well... he's still in it with three left. Guarantueed a payout of 419K minimum, which more than doubles his lifetime tournament winnings... ...and he just doubled up again... now has over 4 million chips...
  7. Go back to the Poker Bay, under "recent news" on the first page there's a link to a temporary trackerhost where you'll find episode 4.
  8. I guess this was sarcasm too, otherwise it's pretty funny...
  9. I came second in the Royal tournament (ongame network) last saturday and won a bit over 2400... More than doubled my bankroll!
  10. How about the 100 seat guaranteed tourny at FullTilt where they give out at least 100 Main Event seats in one go. Entry is 500 + 35 and it's on July the 16th. I don't have a clue how big the field is going to be but being able to finish in the top 100 should increase ones chances I would think?They also have a lot of other ways to qualify of course, including freerolls......I don't like sounding as if I'm trying to sell something
  11. Yeah... I remember that... That was two days ago, right?
  12. Yes. Daniel walked by and picked up Jimmys chips.
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