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  1. Daniel,Continued best wishes for you and your Mom. You are in our prayers.Best,Michael
  2. Glad to see my reaction wasn't completely unwarranted, I rewatched the episode last night, and coming on the heels of the bad call to Laaks set of 6's, perhaps we can chalk it up to frustration with his own play. I just hope Daniel isn't getting too full of himself.
  3. Matusow totally deserves getting back the trash talk, I'm not saying he doesn't. Just saying there is a difference between trash talk and pointing out on national television that Mike is broke.Danny has always seemed like a really decent person, it just semed little harsh.
  4. Don't buy that cheapo compaq - I'm an IT Consultant, just my opinion, but if you have a local computer shop those guys can A. Build you a better machine for less money or B. Set you up with a Pre Built Machine with the needed graphic cards to accomplish what you are looking to do.Anyone else looking for a decent PC at a decent price should look around for prebuilt Acer Desktops, in my opinion they are an excellent value and come with 1 year onsite warranty
  5. While I have a large amount of respect for Daniel both as a person and a poker player, I think Daniel went a little below the belt last night when he called out Matusow for playing on borrowed money.Regardless of what you think of Mike, the man can play the game. I don't think that Daniel needed to point out that Mike might be playing on a loaned bankroll on national television, just my opinion, but I lost some respect for Danny last night.Though Danny was completely right when Mike called out Daniels A7 when he wasn't even involved in the hand and there was still action on Danny.
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