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  1. And Daniel dont you know how to grill meat? you stab the animal on a tarp so you can save the blood dummy
  2. because your gf is "-ev for poker"? tizzerd (minneapolis)
  3. isn't this exactly the same as seeing what someone mucked online after the river? Who doesnt do that?
  4. "Today's lineup appears to be much tougher, with a special twist that I'm not sure I should mention in the blog. What this "twist" will do to the game remains to be seen, but it could potentially cause for some monster pots. I'm not scheduled to play the full day today, but I'm basically on call for an open seat as one becomes available."is he talking about them raising the min buyin to 500k?
  5. top five get paid and you got sixth
  6. they were stupid to table talk but in the end all that really happened was you made a bad play you bet at his aces when you only had tens and then called his all in
  7. it just happens all you can do is keep going or quit "trying" to be a poker player
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