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  1. Honestly, I would have wished he called with a better hand. At least that would have justified a call. If he would have called with top pair on the board (Queen) that would have been better. How do you justify putting all your money in on the turn with bottom pair (Deuce)??? That is just insane to me, maybe it makes sense to some of you are reading this, but thats just me. There is no way in hell that I am going to go all in with a pair of deuces. I don't mean to sound like a sore loser or a complainer, but it's calls like that by donkeys that just irritate me.
  2. How do you deal with donkeys? Honestly, what can you do to stop them? I played a live $1/$2nl game last night and UTG I look down to see AcAd. I raise $25 preflop. Two players call (one which is a donkey). Flop comes Q 2 5 offsuit. I bet $85, one guy folds and the donkey calls. Turn comes 7c and I push all in for my last $120. Donkey thinks for 5 seconds and calls. We flip them over and he has A 2 offsuit. He calls a big flop bet and an all in with a pair of deuces. The entire table is looking at him crazy including myself. This is close to a $500 pot and he calls with a pair of twos. Well, yo
  3. Man, I feel your pain. I played a live $1/$2nl game last night and look down to see pocket Aces. I raise $25 pre flop and I have 2 callers (one which is a donkey). The flop comes Q 7 2 off suit. I bet $85 and one guy folds, but the donkey calls. The turn comes a 5. I go all in for my last hundred. The donkey calls and flips over A 2 off suit. The river comes a freakin 2. He hits a 2 outer on the river for all my chips. I could not believe it. That is the first time I have literally wanted to jump over the table and slap the living hell out of someone.
  4. By decent hands I mean hands like KQs, middle pocket pairs, AKo, suited connectors etc. I do take everything into account such as position, table image etc. However, there is only so much I am going to try and do when I am getting hands like 7 2o, 8 2o, 9 3o dealt back to back for a few hours. Even when I did see a flop there was nothing there for me and I would have for the most part been betting into the nuts on bluff attempts. It was just a frustrating night.
  5. Just got home from playing some $1/2$ at a local poker room. I was totally card dead. I got there at 8pm and had only seen maybe two decent hands the entire night. The table saw that I was playing really tight and so I pushed my last small stack all in. Everyone noticed that and thought I had a big pair. Well, I had 7 6o and got called by AJ. Surely no help came for me. It was very frustrating sitting there and getting absolutely nothing. My question is how do you stop from getting frustrated at getting nothing for hours?
  6. Im out. I was short stacked at the table and caught top two pair on the flop. I bet and a guy raised me and I pushed. He caught the nut flush on the turn and the river didn't help me. Oh well, I will try again next week
  7. This is my first time ever playing the tournament. Won a seat in a satellite. Im pretty hyped. So, Im in
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