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  1. I am assuming none of us can play also, that is if we watched any of them on TV, because we got to see the whole cards as well.
  2. I shipped the 25, get me that password whenever possible, woot woot
  3. what exactly about my post is full of shit. the Facts:Any democrat wants to raise taxes on upper class folks, the result of that is debatable, according to history lowering taxes for everybody has a much greater effect on the economy than any raise in taxes.Social healthcare, do you want that?? I do not remember what type, in Canada a certain surgeon has a salary cap of $167,000, I think it is pretty obvious what salary caps can do to our healthcare system, it takes out incentive to be the best and smartest doctor, it results in a pool of mediocracy.The New Democratic philosophy, take your har
  4. This is very irresponsible to say, you are talking about this administration and the growth of government, are you failing to realize that if hillary gets into office there will be universal healthcare and higher taxes. Now that is what I call amazing growth of government, can you imagine our government running healthcare, NIGHTMARE..And all I got out of daniel's blog is that he is simply one more person who chooses a candidate solely on emotion, feel, how they look, how he appears to maybe be able to do something, why not take a minute and look at something more concrete like what a candidate
  5. Even though the pic is really tiny, it looks like the author of the article is much better looking than Anna.
  6. Im not in the last longer but still in the tourney with 38k after second break in as t-swing
  7. I'm definitely in, also if anyone is willing to trade some tilt money for stars money i really need some... (in case its not clear i need the tilt money) PM me if your interested.
  8. I really need some money on full tilt. If anyone is willing to trade i have money on stars but i want 200, i will do less but 150 minimum. Please let me know thanks.
  9. for all those people who don't drink, don't worry you don't have to drink to play this. I actually just celebrated 9 months sober, and i have been playing these woohoo
  10. If you ask me, this is the post of the decade. It just was so perfect, i hardly ever laugh at what people reply with on this or any forum, but this was simply amazing, perfect for my humor. I can't explain enough how well it worked for me. Thanks dood.
  11. I doubt anyone will, but i need 11 bucks to get into this tourney. I played yesterday and final tabled but no cash, and i played both last week, i am actually in the middle of making a deposit with pstars but apparently i western unioned it to the wrong person. If someone could transfer me the 11 bucks i am positive to get it back to them within an hour once my deposit goes through. my name on aim is xxprez1 so if someone would just hit me up on there, my stars name is t-swing too bad i dont post a lot that would probably change this process.
  12. That is simply not true, although likely. Let's not forget about 10 10 ,it is absolutely a possibility and at these stakes i would be lying if i said I never saw somebody make that move with 88 hoping their opponent hit nothing but very unlikely
  13. Lets not forget anyone can 40 table sit n gos to make a total of -40kRaiNKhAN 19,936 -$2 $123 1% -$39,247 Hot PokerStars xThose are his Sharkscope stats. Not to good if you ask me
  14. for tilt the minimum deposit with WU is 250 and that would cost around 16 bucks in fees. Pokerstars takes MoneyGram which is almost the same thing as WU and has a 10 dollar flat fee for deposits.
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