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  1. I just got back from Vegas 10 days ago, and I was impressed with TI for a small room. They seem like they're really making an effort to secure players. The managers/dealers were friendly and professional, and the $2/hr comp is a nice touch too. It's not the busiest room, but there should be plenty of action in the late afternoon/evening. +1 to whoever said the Caesar's smaller buyin tournaments allowed for some play. The best structures I found for <$100 tournaments.Any room should be pretty easy for 1/2 NL, so it's more what strikes your fancy. But MGM is a good choice.
  2. See, this is the problem here. It's not necessarily the expense that a girl cares about (I'm speaking from my perspective here, but I think it's common), but whether you put any thought into what she would like. I'm just guessing, but from her reaction, I'm doubting a case of energy drink fits the bill. I'm sure, being together two years, you could have thought of something better. It's not really a good gift if its merits are based on the fact that you can use it if she doesn't like it. But w/e, you did go to some trouble to get it, so that should be a point in your favor. It's not like you j
  3. If you thought that was a good idea, I'm betting that her being mad at you is not an unusual occurence.Nice try though. What a lucky girl.
  4. $60+$10 live MTT, start with $2500 in chips. It's the 5th hand of the tournament, 25/50 blinds, I'm at $2425 (just folded my blinds vs. raises, haven't played a hand yet). Button has played 3 of the 4 previous hands and gambled on overs & draws on two of them. He's currently at $1,350.Probably doesn't matter, but I'm the only woman at the table, I look about 15 years old, and button snickered at me when I sat down. pretty sure he thinks I'm a fish.I'm the cutoff with ATh. Folds to me; I raise to $200 total. Button calls, as does big blind.Flop: 3c 7d 10cBig blind checks, I bet $400, button
  5. Harry, you were the class of the table and I was really rooting for you. Congratulations on your fine cash!
  6. Also, try Argossy if you want a new place. I'm not that crazy about the property, but the poker room is good. They have ~15 tables running a variety of games, and it's well-managed overall.
  7. I've only been there once, about two years ago, so keep that in mind. But this may be the worst poker room I've ever seen. That weekend (a holiday weekend) they only had 5-10 Limit and 5-10 Omaha going, one table of each. The dealers were terrible, frequently sailing cards right off the table, allowing string bets, misdealing hands, etc.I hope it's improved, but I'm not willing to give it another shot when there are perfectly decent rooms closer to where I live.
  8. Really, still trying to drag out that 15 minutes of fame?You're super.
  9. If this was awarded to the other player, I'd demand my money back. Not sure how he beat your trips there.That is a crappy run though. My sympathies.hmm...I got one-outered twice in a live tournament yesterday. The first guy I had covered, so it wasn't the worst thing ever. Not so lucky with the second. meh. That's all I have to share.
  10. Ahh, my favorite holiday. +1 on Pogues, Flogging Molly, Great Big Sea, etc.You might also want to try The Prodigals--they're a "jig punk" group that should fit into your overall theme. Gaelic Storm would work too. Also, it doesn't seem like St. Patrick's if you don't have at least a little Clancy Brothers. If you want pub songs, I'd suggest Brigid's Cross out of Cleveland.Prodigals websiteGaelic StormBrigid's Cross
  11. From this morning's Indianapolis Star:Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said the police bring few illegal gambling cases to his office. Laws are inconsistent, he said, allowing some forms of gambling while outlawing others, such as pea shakes and sports pools."Why is the lottery OK, and a card game is not OK?" he asked. "I think that ought to be changed. It's silly."Link to articleYay!
  12. Well, there are wild turkeys...but yeah, a domesticated turkey released into the wild probably wouldn't fare that well. Feral dogs and cats don't do that well either. There are many who are getting by, but overall, cats and dogs aren't very well-equipped to live "in the wild". The average feral cat only lives about two years--compare that to a housecat with a life expectancy of about 14 years. As far as people getting more upset over animal cruelty than human cruelty, I'm not sure if that's true. Yeah, there are people who go wild with rage about animal abuse, and when hearing of a human trage
  13. I agree with your points on emotion recognition combined with cuteness. Although I think proximity/familiarity has something to do with it as well. People are just more familiar with dogs and cats--they have them in their homes, they consider them their best friends, they told all their secrets to them when they were twelve. Generally, we don't have those kinds of experiences with farm animals or wild animals, so we're not as sympathetic to them. This also has the side effect that people don't have experience with how cows and pigs go about exhibiting pain, and so don't recognize those signals
  14. They have a bar, Legends, which is all right. Live entertainment on the weekends (the normal bar kind of stuff) and a decent beer/liquor selection. Sometimes the bar staff juggles fiery objects, which is kinda cool. That's your best bet without going into Louisville...there's nothing in New Albany.
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