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  1. You're talking about the '08 WSOP right? Anyways, I don't think this story can be retold to the public, due to its incriminating beginning. Example, you go deep in the tourney and have to explain to ESPN how you wound up there.
  2. Does anyone subscribe to www.liveatthebike.com? I was wondering if the insight offered is worth the cost per month?
  3. I just bring my ipod. But I do agree. On another note, Rhinestonecowboy your avatar is sick, funny, but still sick.
  4. "Schadenfreud"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SchadenfreudKinda lame but it makes you sound sophisticated when you know the donk has no idea what you just said.
  5. Any donkey can play poker and see "success", would you want a donkey working on your spine?
  6. I thought it was pretty funny. With round earthy turns. Enough swearing to give moneytrain a PG rating.
  7. would you slow roll this guy? He'd probably kill you.
  8. If I had lost that much the first time I started playing blackjack, it would have saved me a lot of money in the long run! Sorry to hear about the sour end.
  9. mac books are a little more expensive but you can dual boot both Mac's OSX and Windows Win XP, thus you can install any online poker program you wish. The plus to having both is that there are not very many viruses for Macs yet, so you can still access course websites/email on the mac part even if windows crashes.
  10. IMO the biggest waste of 10k ever.
  11. Would you have folded if you didn't get to see what he had?
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