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  1. Mine can be had for $3500....great job guys...it was a fun evening..sorry had to leave earlySerge
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  3. Isnt Overlay the first baseman for the Blue Jays
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  5. thanks now i dont feel so stupid...
  6. Hey all,this is probably pretty stupid but can someone explain to me what TP/MM isSerge
  7. yeah the hand Tb sucked out on was against me....44 against jacks...and what hits the turn FOUR...nice hand...nice to meet all of you it was fun..except for the annoying woman who kept scremaing non stopSerge
  8. serge

    Jimmy Kimmel

    Kimmel is the funniest guy on tv
  9. Having played in LA and a lot of California poker rooms..Commerce is the Poker capital of the world...you wont find anymore tables in one place anywhere else...You can play $1-2 and play $500-$1000 anywhere in between...Action is usually great, table side food is ok and there are big jackpots for the lower limit games...Havent played the tournies there but I believe they are very good..Have fun
  10. Actually you are wrong they are IN Tampa Bay so he might come by....its still not confirmed yet though that he will come...I am working on itSerge
  11. I am also in favour of this site...Its amazing how much rake back you can get at this site..the games are still very good...I have been 3 tabling $2-$4 games just to see how much you can make in rake back..I am averaging about 11cents a hand and I can play roughly 220 hands an hour ....Thats about $24 an hour on $2-$4....I am also a winning player for roughly $10 hour....I have a full time job so I can t play a lot of hours however this week have made $400 in rake already...Serge
  12. I like the UB software however havent played there in months...played with Phil Hellmuth a couple of times on there...checked raised bluffed him once..was fun...Right now I play mostly on FCP, Stars and Wsex.com....Different reasons for all...Fcp i like cause of the community concept, Pokerstars I believe has the best software and best MTT tourneys and Wsex.com for the rakeback...I got sick of PartySerge
  13. Does anyone think that this site can continue to run rake free?? Is it just an advertising scheme to boost its base players???or are they legit in saying they are just acquiring players for their other ventures like casino and sports betting??They are giving away millions of dollars in rake every week....can it continue?opinions???
  14. For some reason Ted Nolan has been blacklisted from the NHL..he will never get another shot
  15. The only site I know of is Ultimate Bet...Its pretty cool..you can play live games or tournaments with your UB points...I agree more sites should have this....Instead of a tshirt or a hat I prefer to parlay them into more pointsSerge
  16. I dont know if Darrell(sleuthis) mentioned this, however we are trying to get a member of the Toronto Blue Jays front office to show up to this...It s not confirmed yet however its very likely he will make an appearance.Serge
  17. Sorry to be ignorant..but what is Pokerstove and where can we get it..Serge
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  19. I ll be there....Those that havent been to Dave and Busters its an awesome place....Its huge and its like an arcade for adults...However if people think Downtown is better , i dont mind....My car goes anywhereSerge
  20. I like a few others here (FCP Info) being one played with Daniel pretty much everyday back at Fundtime....Those were FUN times and FUNDTIME.....Whoever said Daniel was tight has no clue what they are talking about....I was probably one of the tightest players there and one day he really got me off my game....I three bet him with J3 of hearts...Now those that know me would know that I dont even put in a half a bet on the small blind with that hand....He was probably the only person around that could and did put me on tilt...even though it was for a brief moment....However my favourite Daniel st
  21. Hey Bob or anyone else...Why cant i seem to find the qualifiers for the $200 WSOP tourney..Like the stage one and stage two?..Are they the same tickets as the POKER CLASSIC??or arent they up yet?SergeLooking to represent FCP at the WSOP 2006
  22. Yeah Daniel, you are lucky you dont face the Ghostsofelvis...I have staked us to a 1-0 record already....Not only will we finish ahead of you. Our team has 3 better AHL hockey owners on our team than yours..oh by the way..Did you catch Gabe Kaplan today...referring to Daniel and evelyn"the Sonny and Cher of Canada"
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  24. WOW..i cant believe Daniel drew Evelyn...This is gonna be fun to watch...
  25. i did play him and beat h im for about $20
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