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  1. This is my 49,999th post...Some got deleted..Next one will be fun
  2. Bet with Arp $20 Islanders will NOT finish in the top 19 from Jan 10 to end of year..I have 20-31
  3. Eddie Shack Conference Playoff Participants 12:12 PM Mustangs and Winning Combination as division winners. Shoot Loose, Gothic, Underdogs and Red Ravens....In that order 12:12 PM Tiger Williams Conference Playoff Participants 12:14 PM Greaseballs and Shooters as Division Winners. Big Ms, Ingmen , Stackers and Dealers in that order
  4. Anyone looking to join the private AHL slack group. Let me know.
  5. Hmm..I think we have enough action..But Ill go over if you want to lose some more.
  6. The Mustangs have had a fairly decent start with a record of 1-1-1.. The leader of the team has been off season acquisition James Neal. Neal has scored 6 goals all on game nights and leads the world in goals currently. The nay sayers who laughed at our projections of Neal are VERY quiet right now. Neal had an off year playing bottom 6 minutes in Calgary, but we recognized his off season regimen and the opportunity that he was going to get with the Oilers. Its good to also have some players on D that are dangerous and can score(have scored) regularly. Very excited to demol
  7. I use this thread to document Adrian's career..More for my benefit .. So this year Adrian is playing Tier Hockey which is WAY higher than he has played here the past 4 years. Mainly due to travelling and distance. This year we bit the bullet and he agreed he wants to try and play at a higher level and he made the Bakersfield Jr Condors Bantam AA team. Bakersfield is about a 100 miles from where we live so there is a LOT of driving. There are two other kids on the team so we help each other out and cuts out on driving . Last 4 years he has been the only goalie..Which is good and bad,
  8. Since the changing of the forum(sorry i hate the whiteness, other than that its cool) I have lost some posts...Now I am under 50K again.. SIGH SIGH
  9. This is a special year..You can feel it.. Cant wait
  10. Mustangs 2019-2020 team is looking very very strong.. We added the best dman and the best forward available at the free agent market.. Brent Burns and Patrick Kane will be studs all year. We also added Mark Giordano whos is coming off a career year of 74 points. While a lot of our forwards dont have sexy names, they are ALL very good and potential to be 65 point plus players. Our ultimate goal is to make the playoffs this year and win the Champions League.
  11. Also putting our Kessel bets in here to follow along : Serge has under 27 Kessel goals for $100 vs Daniel Serge has Neal vs Kessel goals for at 5-1 odds vs Daniel for $50
  12. Ya I realized that later..I really like these Auctions and would love to do some more..When I open at 87 I have no chance to CALL as it will be called way before it comes to me.
  13. Magazines are always way out of date by draft time..Dobber constantly updates his stuff after you buy it.. Dobber for the win
  14. Survivor winners: 2015-2016 Scarborough Shooters Ryan Wilson 2016-2017 Canadian Gothic Dale McCarthy 2017-2018 Mustangs Serge Bogosyan 2018-2019 Greaseballs Brian Steinberg * *immunity added
  15. I think thats the coolest thing if you can play with your boy..
  16. Travelling actually has its perks..Last week we were at the rink that the Zamboni was invented in. You figure Zamboni is a Canadian thing, nope ..Paramount California...We got to see the original model. The same Zamboni family stills owns the rink
  17. I dont fight through rush hour traffic..But when I am in LA i drive through traffic that makes the 401 look empty..
  18. I guarantee you Ill have you crushed..Adrian is now playing on a team that is in Bakersfield, which is 100 miles away..We are in LA almost every weekend..Vegas, Arizona tournaments...All over the state...But we love it...Every weekend is like a mini vacation for the family
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