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  1. Ummmm did the guy pictured really write this?:I’m the sickest poker playa' eva' yoGonna see me soon on the TV broBitches shake their heads like I’m all luckMy 7 - deuce got cracked? yo man what the F*CK?Got the Corum watch and an Ed Hardy HatBose headphones too, dats where my sh*ts atLevel 3 now dog, goin' all the way throughWait a sec, how the HELL did my ‘M’ get to 2?Grinding years on the streets, playin and ballin'Goin' pro any day, High Stakes soon will be callin'Honed my game in the alley ways down in da hoodBet yer ass I'm the best!… bottom pair here no good?On-Line I be ownin', they all
  2. I hope this is a joke post.You probably also think it's an invasion of privacy that your ISP can log/check what websites you visit too.
  3. ORLY? Great superthread going here. You jinxed it. It sucks being right all the time. gg cubs99.
  4. The #1 way to kill a potential superthread: on page 1 say "OMG THIS IS THE NEW SUPERTHREAD"
  5. Or becoming a Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon?
  6. WTF?!?! You know plenty of guys who take $300k off sites regularly?!?!?!
  7. When I'm called off, I got a sawed offSqueeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off
  8. It's one hand. Anyone who's not an idiot knows that Joe doesn't suck just because of one hand. I think it's just that, Joe had the 2nd nuts and the nuts is an extremely unlikely hand in this case (58). If you're going to call with 53, you should get it in here, otherwise what other board do you want? Therefore it was a pretty bad fold. Everybody makes bad folds, this is just on a grand scale, being at the WPT championship and he publicized his fold by showing it.I made a post in the DB/PA thread where someone says the reason Patrik Antonius will lose to DB is because of one hand where he
  9. Jordan, you fool. You want to play against the best players in the world, so they respekt your raises.
  10. This is worse.http://youtube.com/watch?v=U4du3EAZoT4
  11. Yeah and this dude I know once beat Johnny Chan in a single hand. It was so sick. He sat waaaaaaaaay above his roll. Somehow was able to 5-bet Johnny with only like 20 bb's. But Johnny folded! Suddenly my friend got a ton of confidence after playing one hand well. So he went to the local underground poker club. Unfortunately, he was cleaned out by some Russian.
  12. I thought Lucky You was the movie delayed two years? Maybe both? And both were horrendous.
  13. wow, I guess I missed this. Got a link? Or tell me what thread that was?
  14. holy shit....it took me 5 seconds to type "lol owned" and there's already 2 posts in between mine and what i last saw. lolol. this is amazing
  15. lol that girl just seems so out of place in this, and so random. But props to DN for being a pimp.
  16. Ummmm...what the ****. How did gmanshade get it, but I didn't?
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