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  1. i was gonna jump on aim and catch up with ya, but i don't have aim on this computer....later on tonight i'll jump upstairs and say hello.
  2. i'm snowed in and would love to run one....i'd post a bikini pic, but it's too cold to put mine on lolrivergirl (windsor)
  3. i'll apply for one...haven't been playing alot online lately, but i've always wanted to take a shot at this. I have sunday free for a change too.rivergirl (windsor)gl to your horsies
  4. Happy Birthday Tyler!! I hope you're not really 100, cause that would make me REALLY old. But i hope you have an awesome day!!
  5. i'm always late to these parties..congrats ben!!
  6. my first reaction might have been to call the floor over...the guy discsussing his hand with the player next to him is usually not allowed and half the table should've been saying something by now. especially after he showed his cards to him. (that may just be my casino, but someone would've flipped the table over after that)Regardless, i would probably call in this position. Good chance he's playing Ax maybe hitting a smaller two pair. i think if he hit a set, it's a cooler and there is not much you can do.
  7. i get carded all the time when going into the casino (i'm 35...ya that's a brag). the one thing i started doing was getting stamped at the door. That way, anytime someone else wanted my id, i'd show them my stamp (at one time it was a wristband) so that they wouldn't keep harassing me (not that i minded it, but it does get to be a pain in the ass everytime they switch floor staff)
  8. pretty much what everyone said, unless you really think they are screwing with you, don't do it. I've seen this happen a few times and a really good dealer will make sure it doesn't happen twice. it's terrible etiquette and makes you look like a douche.
  9. i've had my hand declared dead at a casino. Much like jon's story tho, i was lucky enough to have a player in the hand that was nice enough to split pot with me since we actually had the same 2 pair. I was actually watching an old episode of HSP last night where something similar happened and the dealer tried to declare a hand dead until the players told her they make their own rules.different casinos have different rules. You should have your home game set up rules so there is no question when those situations happen
  10. i still have trouble understanding how none of the 84 tigers are in the hall yet....i know the only reason morris hasn't been brought in yet is because he was such an ass to the press. I think the sportswriters are just making him sweat a little and they'll wait till he's in his last couple of years of eligibility to make it.FWIW, i really really think they should just give pete rose a place in the hall...then again, i think i'm ok with the steroid crew also getting a nod when their times come. Sure the records may seem skewed because of the hitters juicing, but so were the pitchers so it ki
  11. merry christmas everyone!!i was naughty this year so santa was especially good to me!! I hope he was good to everyone else too
  12. This hasn't been brought up, and if it has, i don't remember it (or am just too damn lazy to look). Is there some kind of clause in contracts so that players can be bought out if they can't play? Some sort of clause that they can buy them out for a percentage of the contract remaining if they are no longer able to play? I mean there has to be a cheaper way to get rid of Willis since imo he will probably never be able to pitch again. I know the tigers pretend like they are hoping he'll come back, but lets face it, it's highly doubtful. That way they can free up some money and not have it h
  13. i don't believe that Ilitch doesn't want to win, i'm sure he does....the red wings being the prime example of the guy's will to win. Although i think he spends way too much on them and not enough on the tigers.Getting Grandy off the books isn't a money issue really, his contract really wasn't that big...he only makes about $5million a year until after the 2012 season when the contract has a option for the '13 season for 12 or 13 million. That gives them plenty of time to get rid of the insane contracts that are on the books this year. I don't see the point in the trade, they got rid of gran
  14. ya, same alex....i didn't want to attempt spelling that last name. I have a friend who grew up in TO, and used to play alot of snooker. He says that alex used to be seen at the same hall regularly. I'm not sure of his age, but i'm guessing he's a little younger than me, but probably pretty close. Daniel might know the answer to this since he was around that area about the same time.The one thing i don't understand and i really don't think most people realize until you actually stand next to some of these professional pool players is how short most of them are. I'm 5'3" and i have to pull
  15. I would expect Tony to beat Corey all day long on a snooker table but Corey is a mediocre top pro...at one time he was on top, but that i think has since fizzled and he's not really consistantly the top player he was. I might expect Tony to beat Corey on a 9ft as well. There are some 9ball players that have great snooker games that you probably couldn't say that about. I'm sure Reyes puts up a nasty fight on a snooker table, Alex would sooo be able to hang with him too. It's like poker in the sense that there are some very different games, and some people are better at other forms than so
  16. i totally got the impression that Brian was reluctant to give kevin instructions on the sous vide. I think he did it just to save face and try not to come off as a complete douche. But that's part of what i don't like about reality television... the editing that producers do in favor of one contestant over another. They have the ability to make the audience see what they want them to so you're basicially not forming your own opinion of someone, but the producers opinion because of how they are portraying that person to you.
  17. Although cutting ticket prices is nice, let's face it...of all the pro sports, baseball has always been and remains to be probably the lowest priced, reasonalby affordable game to go see at least in Detroit. It's not really necessary to cut prices when you can take a family to a game for around $100 including your concessions, and that with pretty decent seats, parking and a souvenier or two. Taking the same family to a redwing or lions game is maybe 2 or 3 times that amount with worse seats and nothing to eat or drink. The product they put out determines if they fill the staduim or not. S
  18. the radio was reporting earlier today that DD has also put the feelers out there for Miggy. WTF, i thought this wasn't a fire sale?????We're in need of hitters....so let's give up the only guy who batted over .300 for the entire season for what, another .250 hitter or 2? srsly, wtf is wrong with this guy. I agree the whole "incident" during the last week of the season was probably not the smartest thing the guy could've done, but i'm sure he's learned his lesson. Do we really want to get rid of him. Wait, maybe we can get sheffield and renteria back for him.......
  19. i think i'd be in for the 2.20's cause i certainly prefer the turbos but i'm not rolled for the 12's and the 7.70's don't fill fast at all.
  20. i'm very sorry for your loss Daniel. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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