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  1. gg sir!!the AJ<A7 hand was sickbut a nice cash nonetheless.congrats
  2. I'd like to see the eagles get destroyed by the cards....i can't stand all the donovan drama as for pitts/balt game, i'm hoping palamalu is going to be able to play the was he always does.....the winner of this game is definately the superbowl champs.
  3. how can u be born in the 70's and not remember? Srsly, they came on during Saturday morning cartoons. I was born in the mid 70's and my hubby was born in the late 60's and we both remember them. If you ever watched saturday morning cartoons, these were definately a staple instead of commercials in between shows.
  4. i love watching the auditions, and hollywood week (cause you see people get all bent outta shape and screw up), once it gets to who gets on the live shows, i stop watching, i could care less to see them actually sing.
  5. first of all $15 a night is still too much, the last time i was there that place smelled so bad (just of old) that i couldn't walk around the casino.$90/night for caesars seems actually really cheap, i've priced it a couple times and that is by far the lowest (assuming it includes weekends)When we go down for our pool tourney we stay at the riv, cause that's where the tourney is and it's more convenient, that said they charge us like $90/night there during that month span but i've looked for other dates and they are somewhere in the $30-$50 rangegrocery, where exactly are u? If it's feasible
  6. rivergirl

    New Puppy!

    both puppies are very adorable.....glad to see we have new additions for hte dog threadas for the socialization and such, the place you take her for classes probably offer a weekly or bi-weekly "school". Its just a couple of hours where you can bring her for some play time with many other dogs who have also taken classes. Its relatively inexpensive and since you're in TO there probably isn't a whole lotta dog parks and such close by.I would recommend getting her a companion dog if you are able to have 2. Having another dog for her who's always around will really eliminate the separation anx
  7. hopefully the lions don't get their hands on them....i'd hate to see them kill the career of another heisman winner.
  8. i still think of count chocula everytime i see barry g and laugh.....
  9. i'll apply since i'm off this sunday.My dish went down last night and i missed alot of the game :icon_frown:rivergirl (windsor)
  10. i tried to watch this, got about 15 mins in and said omg. I just couldn't do it. Not to mention, don't those girls realize that even if they do begin a serious relationship with any of those boys, they are gonna be subjected to the mother constantly. I couldn't imagine trying to have a relationship wiht a man who was that much a momma's boy.
  11. i was so afraid i was missing it, then i saw the martha stewart one replayed and figured it was on break for the holidays....thank goodness.
  12. i do one thing that 99% of people under the age of 60 don't do.....i can play bridgeand srsly, i've tried going to tournaments and bridge clubs and my and my hubby are the only 2 people younger than 70 in the room.
  13. i must say, i'm pretty impressed by everything that everyone has accomplished and my stories are nowhere near as interesting. the 3 things i have not done that most of you guys have is, i've never shit my pants (at least not since the diapers came off), never had a hole in one, and never slept with a girl (obv, and sorry for the disappointment)we did however sleep a total of 4 hours over a 3 day span and got drunk and sober about 5 time while playing a provincial pool tournament that we went on to win. At one point we played a straight stretch of 18 hours of match after match (me and my gir
  14. the way to win live monopoly is simple..pick the weakest, smallest person to be banker. When you begin to lose, beat the shit out of that person, call it a bank robbery, take all the money, profit.my brother won every time when we were kids....
  15. sorry slap, i'm actually still scratching my head as to how this idiot called...Game #23502809506: Tournament #131249441, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (125/250) - 2009/01/02 17:03:29 ETTable '131249441 4' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 2: danielgreber (6124 in chips) Seat 3: allstar75 (6254 in chips) Seat 4: rivergirl (1685 in chips) Seat 5: keenan420 (6315 in chips) Seat 6: moxlee (3905 in chips) Seat 7: OLD_SPLTT (9852 in chips) Seat 9: cleaner033 (5720 in chips) danielgreber: posts the ante 25allstar75: posts the ante 25rivergirl: posts the ante 25keenan420: posts the ante 25mo
  16. ty sir, reg in 131249441 gonna try to run goootty again
  17. rivergirl

    Rack 'em!

    i hate you for making the link, i'm now completely and utterly addicted and its not even realistic. OMG, i'm so upset that i wasted the last 3 hours playing and will play again when i get back..........................ty tho, i needed something to distract me.
  18. i'd love one but i can't play till after i get home in about an hour or two...if that's ok.ty for consideration. and gl to your horsies.rivergirl (windsor fcp)
  19. i've always been a coffee drinker...at least as long as i can remember. Back in high school, i didn't make it to homeroom without a cup in my hand ( i still don't know how i got away with it).In Canada, we have mostly Tim Hortons which is imo, wayyyyyyyy better than starbucks. There is nothing fancy about their coffee, its just coffee. No foam, no flavor, just genuine coffee and it's the best. I've tried really hard to do the starbucks thing, we have a few here and i love their biscotti, but their coffee is too confusing and doesn't taste anywhere near good enough to spend 5 or 6 bucks on
  20. i'm gonna play this so if someone wants someone on their team who will go out like 34999, i'm available to draft....
  21. This is true, during the actual ft they have NO access to hole cards....they actually have to go to the editing room one the ft is over, rewatch the whole thing with the hole cards and comment as if they were there. They actually had a segment about this during one of the broadcasts. Sounds like a big pain in the butt to me, but
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