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  1. You always use this same lame joke...get a life and a girlfriend you perv!!!
  2. PYL was a great show! I found it amusing because when I am at a table and am allin as the favorite I find myself thinking...no whammies, no whammies. Figured the avatar was fitting. Thanks to the one poster for the actual response. Still hoping for more info though.
  3. Just looking for various FCPers opinions, if you have statistical backup, even better. At what level buy-in would you say the skill of the average player in the game "jumps"? For example I have found very little difference in results on Party Poker $100 Sng vs. $200 Sng, but found a dramatic difference between Party Poker $50 and $100. Not much difference between Party $20 and Party $50. Anyone have any information to support/refute these claims? What is your own experience? Thanks.
  4. Please do. Thanks. I actually agree with most of what you say. Figures, because I typically agree with your hand analysis in strat post. I have been known to behave "destructively" with my finances before due to some guilt. I will explain myself to illustrate actuary's point and am sure the flames will come...Upper-middle class upbringing, parents paid for my school and after college I luckboxed into a GREAT job in Casino industry in Vegas. I am currently in my early 20s, own a house, 2 cars, and am very stable financially. However when I go out with friends who are not as "fortunate" as
  5. I know, but unfortunately it is just as easy to put it back as it is to remove it. Thanks for the advise though.
  6. Frustrated with my game lately and figured I would give the so-called "Smash Strategy" a try. I played 9 tables (25 buyin, 50 buyin, and 100 buyin) for 3 hrs. 1,800 hands. Won't bore with details, but it seemed that the strategy had success at lower levels but not at 100 level due to the fact my allins were rarely called. I honestly do not believe this is due to the increased skill at the 100 buyin tables, but more due to human nature. It is easier to "gamble" with $25 knowing you are probably beat than it is for $100. For example...I am perfectly happy making a $20 bet on a 55/45 prop in
  7. I know, this is foolish and as anyone could predict I lost close to $2k playing Blackjack at party over the past 6 months. What is worse, I let a bad Blackjack session put me on tilt in my tournament and went from top-10 in chips with 100 left in $30+3 MTT to busting out 3 short of the bubble. I have rectified the situation the easiest way I know how, I no longer play on sites that offer Blackjack. In case you could not tell I am not much in the way of discipline and it is just easier if blackjack is not an option. Does anyone have a similar story/experience? Yes I am prepared for the fla
  8. Biggest pot I have played in 15/30 LHE shorthanded (4 players at table). I have KK in big blind, UTG raises, Button Calls, SB Calls, I reraise, UTG reraises and both Button and SB call. I reraise again and UTG raises and I cap the pot. We take the flop 4-handed and it comes down 8 9 k . I figure I will bet out since pot is already large and I do not want to give draws any free shots. UTG calls, Button raises, and SB Reraises! I figure one of them has a set so I reraise to make any draws pay dearly. UTG folds and Button and I continue to raise each other to cap the pot. Turn is a harm
  9. It is very difficult to multitable at WPEX because of the timer their software employs. Most other sites offer a lengthy timer in addition to a 10 second warning. The time after the warning bell on WPEX is less than 5 seconds! In addition I constantly found that WPEX tables would freeze up on me. I was playing on Stars at the same time so I know the problem had to be with WPEX not with my connection. Once WPEX improves their software I am sure it will be more profitable to play their site, but for now I would prefer to multitable and only recieve 30% rakeback. As a side note, you probabl
  10. I gave WPEX a shot and was shocked at the terrible play at the $200 NL tables. I was up $500 relatively quickly (less than 2 hrs of play) and only showed one hand down. I think it is a great site for pot stealers like myself. I know that 2 hrs of play does not a lifetime make but I still witnessed some very weak play (call allin for $150 with A-7, not a hand I was involved in unfortunately).All this being said, I will not be back to WPEX for a while...I prefer to play high-level Sit N Goes and they just do not have the game selection I am looking for yet. No SNG above 30? The tournament s
  11. First of all, let me apologize to you, how dare I make you suffer through reading a post with incorrect grammar. It is my sincere hope that I never again insult your intelligence by forcing you to read such an egregious error.Back to the post. If anyone besides me wins the hand I make $0. If either of the short stacks win the hand then I am in 3rd at worst. If the Chipleader wins the hand then I am guaranteed 2nd. Assuming I am up against 2 random hands and QQ from chipleader the odds that each person will win the hand if I call are as follows. Chipleader 15%, Random Hand 1 15%, Random H
  12. I have folded AA preflop ONCE before and it was a very unique situation... 4 players left in SNG blinds at 200/400. I am in BB with 1k in chips plus BB. SB is VERY tight stack and chipleader. UTG and Button are reckless and been moving on EVERY flop, both of them have similar chipstacks 2,560 and 2,480. UTG predictably raises allin, Button calls, and Chipleader calls. I have AA and figure that if Chipleader has pocket pair or some sort of big suited connector AK, KQ, QJ, J10. I know that playing to win I should call and hope to quadruple up, but I end up ITM as long as two reckless play
  13. 1/2 NL Game in Vegas where I am a regular. "Fish" in question is there about as much as I am. For the 2nd time in 2 weeks my KK runs into AA with all the money getting in preflop. "Fish" says, "Man that is the 2nd time I have seen that happen to you, very unlucky." I politely say back to him, "Naaah it only happens to me about once every 20 times." He says back, "See that is very unlucky, it should only happen once every 200 times because that is how often you get dealt KK, and then to have KK when someone else gets AA is even more unlucky." I rebuy for max ($200) and reply, "Yea, I gues
  14. Review what I said carefully and pay specific attention to the last line. I am well aware that it is difficult/impossible to compare skill levels across multiple games, I was using PP24 as an example of a highly skilled online player who might not recieve the same recognition as Mahatma because he does not put $100k in play.Review the early posts it seems that some FCPers have a man crush on Mahatma and claim he is "one of the best online players in the world" due to the stakes he plays. I am simply saying that stakes do not determine overall skill, there are other indicators. In addition,
  15. Obviously the response depends on your current financial situation. This a takeoff on an old economics theory (Econ majors/grads help me out here). I believe it is diminishing returns. For someone with $10 mil. already the extra million they gain by selling the seat does not have the same value as the person whose net worth is $10k. The million dollars would change my life and therefore selling the seat becomes an easy choice. If I were DN for example and already a millionarie then the decision to play becomes much more realistic. This post is all over the place but you get the idea.
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