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  1. i play 25 50 limit with her at aboustle she said she don't play stars much anymore just the big sunday tourney. She did change her name but to what she want tell anybody.
  2. clay was that your boyfriend you were sanging to on americian idol last wenesday night?
  3. Sorry i went to the mike matsow school of spelling.
  4. Read the gary carson post it is funnier than the dule post imo. Gary carson seemed to be more hated on that site than foxwoodpro is here.
  5. It was an old fued. Her is a link to the site: Google Groups: rec.gambling.poker
  6. After the daniel and annie duke fued post yesterday i read a lot of old post at this site. I found it interesting that fcp todays is not much different than that site was back in 2000 and 2001. Pros bickering and taking stands over players. If you have never been there before get ready to spend a couple of hours and you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about many of the games heros today. I really liked daniels theard to play a heads up match with gary carson. If daniel won gary couldn't post there for a year, if gary won he got a 1000 dollars. I never found out if this happ
  7. i have only one thing to say about my comment that mahatama is the best cash game player on the net. 1. He didn't start with his absoutley huge bankroll he earned it. 2. i play on ub alot and anytime he is on i have to watch him his stlye in nl hold em is pretty hard to defend against only way you can play is a. be more aggressive than him ( which would take a huge roll to do ) or b play super tight and watch him rob you blind. I do agree that there are good limit players any where you look on the net from the 5 10 level all the way up. But if i was down to my last dime and mhatama asked
  8. last night he also had 70k at the same table. do believe he is the best cash game player in the online poker scene hands down.
  9. mahatma has 120 k sitting at a 50 100 pot limit omaha game on ub. That is 12 times the buy in for that table. Man that would be great to do that.
  10. Daniel you forgot todd brunson thats my pick he owns cash games
  11. no i play the 25-50 nl game on full tilt he and jaunda and d'agonsino plays it a lot. mike was on there thursday night trying to get layne flack to spot him 4 k
  12. mike said in full tilt that the circuit wasn't paying him much to do the show thats the reason he said he left
  13. gordon plays 30/60 on ftp. I've played hu with him a few times. He has never played the big game. He is boycoting wpt events along with andy bloch. He siad he would play some events in the world series this year. He is a very humble guy thinks that dags and juanda are much better than him. Highest limit he says he has played is 50-100nl and 500-1000 limit. he is a decent limit player but not in the league with dags or takeover. he also has a new book coming out called the little blue book of poker.
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