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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, the question at hand is HOW did Daniel get knocked out of the tournament. Quite simple actually...Many of us have seen the photo of Daniel in the gallery demonstrating what it's like as he looks through his opponent's soul. I admit, it scared the hell out of me the first time I saw it.Well, as of late, Daniel has been working on something in secret; a way, if you will, to change his molecular density in order to pass through the body and into the mind of his opponents.You see... "looking through your soul" is too 90's for Daniel and personally, I agree!So, while there will
  2. it was a mistake, i'd say operator error, but it was my ap this time... editted a few includes for both sides, it then kept one site's index in temp dir and uploaded to both remote dir'ssorry guys
  3. No offense man, but don't you think the site should have been ready before sending out the press release? Not trying to flame you or Josh. As a matter of fact I really think that he seems to be a great guy, but I think that having the site delayed, after sending out the press realease, concidering the whole poker school fiasco, is probably the last thing that he needed. Although I would imagine that he is probably focussed on other issues like the wsop.By the way as a person who runs a Software Testing company, I can say that you really have done some nice work with these sites.thank you, i
  4. actually, it's me putting that together for josh, getting things lined up now so it'll be live tonight or tomorrow morning - opted out of celebrating tonight to get this work up.- chris
  5. Please check back in a few moments for the fcp logo contest winner...thanks,chris
  6. maybe i should reiterate that there are still changes in the works -- color being one of them -- and placement of content can go anywhere.think of this as a content release (as it looks similar to the previous site's design and the current forum design), i have all the articles in place now, a couple of pages on daniel specifically (which will be changing to include photos, etc)
  7. there are still items being worked out to go on the home page (including pics of daniel, etc)
  8. hey! there's someone else here that takes care of these things :wink:
  9. this should be interesting -- my guess is the fist will win out. i personally like the lion, but it won't hurt my feelings because the fist was drawn from my fist so, i win either way, lol :wink:
  10. i used to work for ultimatebet on two different stints and he rarely played.side note... went through one of my hard drives and found the ultimatebet program from sept 27, 2000 -- too weird
  11. Sweet Chocolate Chris Rockefeller
  12. Check out a recent interview Daniel had with 91.7 GiantFM, a radio station in Toronto in the 'Daniel in the Media' section here
  13. Check out a recent interview Daniel had with 91.7 GiantFM, a radio station in Toronto.Listen nowPS Dial-up beware :wink:
  14. not sure about 10x but i dig gmail, maybe 9x
  15. not sure, but you might be thinking about liveactionpoker.comgood luck
  16. ya, it was pretty sweet -- tipped the change girl and paid some bills.
  17. this thread went southward real quick, but i really liked your comment project
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