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  1. i will probably try and play in some of the $300 or $500 ones that fall on the weekends, plus maybe a few of the second chance tournaments they have at night.
  2. theone,did you go to UT? I graduated from there in 2003...cant wait for the season...some friends and i are heading out to the game at Cal...should be pretty intense
  3. http://www.pokerpages.com/tournament/weekl...ournSearch.y=13here is the link off of pokerpages.comi am not sure if this is all of them....there may be more daily rebuy tournaments that arent listed...usually the grand and horseshoe have pretty decent tournaments on the weekend. you may just want to check the individual websites to make sure
  4. yea...i was kicking myself after the hand that I didnt pay more attention to the button's stack size....this was a $100 buy-in with $100 rebuys (for first 2 hours) at a country club that my buddy is a member of. It was the first time I had played in it, and didnt know a soul at the table. I think there ended up being around 21 players, and some of these guys were just terrible, buying in a few times after busting again and again. So there was a pretty good prize pool (they normally pay top 3 or 4).and i was extrememly card dead for the first hour or so, and any time i picked up a hand and r
  5. thanks...that is what i thought...just making sure.i ended up calling, and the other guy called. flop comes 10c7c2d i push all in, and he calls with AcJc and gets the flush on the river.
  6. what is the rule about re-reraising after a player is all in (whose all in raise is less than the initial raise):situation (tournament): 3 players limp into pot for $1,000, I raise to $4,000 from big blind w/ QQ. 1st limper folds, second limper calls my raise, third limper (button) re-reraises all in and had around $4,500...so it is an additional $1,500 to me. Would I be allowed to re-raise all in (to get the other player to possibly fold), or do I simply have to call the $1,500?
  7. by no means do i think he could "make it on the pga tour", but it is a real possibility he could qualify for a PGA event through local qualifiers. Normally you just need a low enough official handicap, and fork over maybe $1,000 for a one day shot at a few spots, usually at a pretty lame course (although you normally have to shoot a 66 or 65 to have a chance). Its a super long shot, but by no means impossible.
  8. how come they would stop play for the night with 11 minutes left in level 15 (per Cardplayer.com). Why not just play out the level and start level 16 first thing tomorrow? is this normal?
  9. I recommend to anyone to read this debate between Sam Harris (author of the End of Faith and Letters to a Christian Nation)- an athiest, and Andrew Sullivan. It is great. It has maybe 5 or six responses from each, going back to when the debate began back in january.this link should go to the beginning of the debate and have all the responses:http://www.beliefnet.com/story/209/story_20904_1.html
  10. right after i type that I get KK in big blind....cutoff raises....i reraise...he puts me all in, I call....he has 44...spikes a 4 on the flop...i am out
  11. i have been sitting around $3,000 - 3,500 for a while .... cant get anything going....few times i have had big hands i cant get any action. been pretty boring so far.
  12. The games are pretty easy. I normally play at Horseshoe because I like their cardroom better, but honestly, pretty much anywhere the games are easy (at least the limits i play, which are sometimes 4-8 limit and occasionally 10-20, and 1-2 NL with the occasional 2-5 NL.I would imagine it is about like everywhere. I cant speak to the higer limits, however.
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