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  1. i dunno, I bet you lose that particular hand more often than not.
  2. sometimes you can just call peoples raises,,,hit your set and they will be doing the betting for you..some people cant let go of their bigger pp on a non threatening board..
  3. totally depends on position, type of players at table, action leading up to you....
  4. i woulda bet the turn...probably a good 60$ bet.River....fold...being all pissed off
  5. $1200 for pokerstars,,,and also on fulltilt I just got this...Upon review of your account I am pleased to inform you that your check withdrawal has been successfully completed. According to our records, your check for $2,400 was mailed by our check processor on May 23 , check number 380xxx . Regular United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery takes approximately 15 business days, and it has been 18 business days since your check was sent. As we use the United States Postal service to deliver our checks we are unable to provide tracking numbers for them. We apologize for any inconvenience that
  6. Thank you for your email and for allowing us to be of assistance. We understand your frustration in regards to this matter, please accept our sincere apologies. Please know that this is an unfortunate coincidence that you have not received your cashout check yet. After review, I can confirm that your check was mailed on 5/22/2008. Our checks are sent by regular mail, and does not come with tracking numbers, therefore, we are unable to locate where about your check is currently. If you do not wish to have your check cancelled and have the funds credited back to your account, I can only sugges
  7. http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/espn360/index#That launches the 360 player, and on the right is the wsop link. Right now they showing some other event until dinner is over...
  8. but with 789T or 89TJ you want to see the flop before getting your whole stack in there.. agreed with kornholio that omaha is more post flop play. I'd rather have 89TT myself cause of the possibility of hitting a set and really screwing over the AA dude.
  9. profitable? dont think so unless everyone calling even then its still a gamble...you have a nice looking hand,,but gotta dump it to that kind of raise...
  10. mp3 flopped straight, mp1 might have a lower set or two pair. mp3 may have improved to flush but who the hell knows...Thats a tough spot..I personally would not push the flop since straight is out there. If I flop the straight I am potting until river or until board pairs.Your in bad position so I think the check is good(if you bet and get called, now what? You are almost forced to bet on turn...while calling gives you chance to peel off free card). Calling on the rest of the streets really is up to you(whether you want to chase or not) Higher limits I would prob fold since that is the fl
  11. i'd prob fold..u still got about 10bb, QTss is what he has...
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