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  1. 4th hand at table.280 behind, Villain has me covered.Dealt K Q (button). Folds to me, raise to $10. SB folds, Villain Calls.Flop K 2 8 Checks to me, I raise $20, Villain calls.Turn: 2 Check CheckRiver: 8 :spade:Villain shoves. Hero..?And I know I prob could've played this better so don't destroy me
  2. After sleeping on it and thinking about it more, I remembered what it was. My friend and I were the final two in a 5-stack tourny.Hey kids. I'm new to the forums so don't destroy me...haha.I'm playing my bud who I constantly play in my home games. Recently I've been really trying to bring my poker game up, because its not meeting my standards.Blinds are 5/10Villain (BB): 155 chipsHero (SB): 95 chipsHole cards:A 2 :heart:Hero raises to 20Villain calls 20Past info: Villain is known to call/raise multiple hands PF in a heads-up/shorthanded match. The call by him does not give much info other th
  3. haha just a random sit and play with my bud. maybe we were doing ante's of 5's...i dont remember it was a few days ago haha
  4. I bet on the flop as well. If hes got a strong king then he re-raises, if hes got nothing and doesn't bluff a lot, you have him.
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