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  1. I got an email from them about with a $200 bonus to clear. I didn't even notice (wasn't playing) so that was a nice surprise.
  2. I know that teaching is a lot of work that goes along with the joy, so instead of bugging you for the next round, I was wondering, Steve, if you could just create a post on what you feel is your poker mentality i.e. how you prepare for a game, how you gauge what/if you should play, and when you feel that it is time to call quits. I think that would the biggest help to the most people here and might save you some time.Nicely done, AAsnake.
  3. at all of the people saying "raise the flop". If the OPs read of this guy is passive and calling station, why build a pot? If you get paid off 100% (or some very high percentage) of the time when you hit, then it makes sense to call, especially in position. You lower your varience. I would have raised the turn because you hit your best draw and the river might kill some action (putting the flush, like it did, or another straight card). From personal experience, I've been burned way too many times to not raise/bet when I hit unless I make the most obvious of draws.
  4. XA_kid

    Guitar Hero

    This game is super addicting, especially while high. It is the ultimate positive reinforcement game. It took me a day to get through hard and another to get through most of Expert. Cowboys From Hell and Bark at the Moon are a *****. I finally 5 starred Godzilla, so I have only a few more songs to 5 Star (and CFH and BATM aren't happening as I can only barely surive those...stupid double picking).My friend and I (who are both good guitarists) have determined that Hammer-ons and Pull-offs are fairly broken in this game. It is almost always easier to just pick each note. GH2 has an improved
  5. I think that this is pretty damning of the WPT. I can't understand why they would even want a non-compete contract for Hiatt after their option runs out. What trade secrets would she be sharing?"So that's how they show the cards, they have a CAMERA under the table!"The only reason I could understand is that they recognize the value of Hiatt as a host in attracting viewers and they don't want to give someone else that edge. Of course, if they really wanted to keep her, they would have treated her better to convince her to stay.It's America, and people should have the right to work where they
  6. I haven't seen the episode in question, but if we are talking about the windchimes that just constantly make random noise and he had a jacket made of those, I would ask him to take it off. It's not like background noise or people talking at the table. Windchimes are just jarring to listen to repeatedly. Yeah, I could ignore them, but I should not have to put up with an article of clothing designed to be annoying.
  7. This is a copy from a post I made in my blog back in June.When I first started out, I firmly believed that when you played NL, you should always buy-in for the max. Well after doing some experimenting over the last few days, I find that buying in "short" (half the max, or 100 BB in a no max game) is better. Here is why:1) Easier decisions. When you have Ak and $100 left with the pot being the same on the turn with an Ace, it is easier to play it hard. With $300 left, you could be put to a tough decision.2) People play looser. When you have a short stack, you are going to get called a lot more
  8. There is a lot of good to be said for Short stack poker, but I won't go into it.When I was at Caesar's in June, the 2/5 had no cap. And man were there a bunch on nits at the table. JT on the button, flop broadway, a guy bets, I put in a modest raise and he folds. Every time I flopped a big hand. Of course, it made picking up the pots without a hand really easy.
  9. Honestly, while I can see where Daniel is coming from and am annoyed at some comments that have been made by the 7, I do believe that they are right.There's a clause in the contract that grants unlimited usage of a player's personal images.So? It's not like they have used their images to any large extent.But who's to say they aren't going to?It's a mute point because you deal in what-ifs.Fine. Germany passed progressively Anti-Jewish laws that eventually led to the Holocaust during WWII. I am sure that people who looked at the situation went "Ok they put them in Ghettos. I don't think the
  10. I was railing a friend at the FTP 200K and you happened to be at the table. Both still in, gl.There were some really horrible players at your table. I kept on telling my friend to resteal from Freak 1, but he was just too tight to do it.Stupid friends.
  11. I was at Binion's when they were filming the flick last year. Totally forgot about it. Worth a looksie.
  12. I finished 80th in the 9K person one. I feel like I want to shoot myself. Only in a free roll can I finish in the top 1% and get nada.
  13. What a bunch of sad people here who can't be bothered to to spend less than 5 minutes to read a nice story.Thanks for sharing, OP.
  14. Badugi is a lot of fun. Good as a PL or Half PL game.
  15. Well, I am in Tahoe for the week and I am planning on playing a few Circuit Events. Signed up for the $300 tomorrow which is supposed to sell out and will play further events depending on how I do/feel. Not going to try for the Main Event because I don't plan on being in town, but I might play one of the $1500 events.Anyone else going to be in town? Lake Tahoe is beautiful and I would highly recommend anybody coming down for any reason, if just swim in the Lake.
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