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  1. This is a tale of two brothers. It’s a love story, really. A story of commitment, encouragement, and most of all, pride. I suppose I could subtitle it: Everybody Loves Raymond. Let me backtrack for a minute. For decades, Raymond D'Argenio has sat on the sidelines and cheered for his younger brother (nvflag) who excelled at sports. Raymond watched. His brother married and fathered two great kids who also compete in hockey and softball. Raymond sits on the sidelines and cheers for his niece and nephew now. Raymond is everyone’s biggest fan. You see, he has cerebral palsy, a cruel disability that
  2. Why the anger towards Jesus and man of peace... and to my post about Christ on a religious forum where such posts should be placed. What did Jesus or my post have to do to anger you so much in your response. You seem like a very passionate person that seeks to know and understand the truth (it is okay for us to disagree)... I recommend the book called The "Case For Christ" as an example of legal minds that truly had an open mind to the truth. Who all were skeptical as you are now.. and all who came to believe that Jesus was indeed who he says he was and with the evidence at our feet today. The
  3. Indeed, in a court of law today, the evidence for Christ’s resurrection is so overwhelming that no one can examine it with an open mind desiring to know the truth without becoming convinced of its truth.... Non believers of the resurrection need to read the below with an open mind.What was the central truth of the early apostles’ preaching? What was the stimulus to the miraculous growth of the early church? What was the energizing force which spread the gospel across the face of the earth?” These questions, posed by Dr. Walter Martin in his book Essential Christianity, all find their answer in
  4. For those of you who have ordered the DVD's, I will be mailing them out to you all on Monday (March 20th). Thanks for your interest as you will find all three DVD's to be very interesting whether you are a believer or not.Again, the Jesus Project DVD movie is taken word for word out of the Gospel of Luke (New Testament) and is an excellent produced and directed movie that has been shown worldwide to millions.In His NameSteve D
  5. Daniel,I must state that being an "alcoholic" is not a sin in itself as this is a very real disease that the person has no control of their own over - and 99.9 % of the time must receive help in order to recover. The sin with drinking is in the excess in getting drunk whether you are an alcoholic or not.If you drink and get drunk - then that is the sin many people feel is pointed out in the bible. There are many alcoholics in recovery that had not had a drink in many years. They are still an alcoholic in soberiety.A great verse states , "do not get drunk on wine but get drunk on the Holy Spi
  6. Send me your address via email and I will send you the DVD... I appreciate the Neteller offer... but I absolutely will NOT take money for the DVD... it is free.. Steve D
  7. I failed to mention in my original post that I also have this Jesus Project DVD in a "children's version" so that kids can understand.I also have DVD's called "Jesus - Fact or Fiction" that I can send free of charge to anyone that requests.So if you are interested, email me at nvflag@sprynet.com and let me know which of the three DVD's that you would like for me to send to you1.) Jesus Project (Life of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Luke) - adult version2.) Jesus DVD for children (Life of Jesus told in a manner kids can understand)3.) Jesus - "Fact or Fiction" - answers the tough questions a
  8. Remember - Spiritual Progress and not Perfection is what we all should be seeking. Perfection can be acheived when we get into Heaven - . Don't be so hard to knock on the Catholic church (or any other Church). Your relationship with God (whether Catholic or not) is really just between you and God and no one else. Don't fall into the trap of finding reasons to become distant to God or Jesus. It is more important to be a spiritual person then a religious person (think about it).But here is a good saying.............A "religious" person sits in church and thinks about fishing.....A "spiritua
  9. Josh,Yes it is the same Steve D that founded and ran the NVFFA recreational adult sports league. Small world isnt it !Steve D
  10. The Life of Jesus as written/told in the Gospel of Luke (word for word) is played out in a wonderfull DVD called The "Jesus Project". This movie is the life of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Luke.It is an amazing movie that both believers and non believers will enjoy. Remember - whether you believe Jesus to be the Son of God or not... no one will argue that an historical person name Jesus walked the face of the earth 2000 years ago. I am willingly to send free to anyone that wants this DVD . Just let me know if you are interested in receiving. My email address is nvflag@sprynet.comSteve D
  11. ... if life was a circle, the pridefull person is in the dead center with God and others on the outside of the circle. Although that pridefull person may be a good person and unselfish,,,, they are usually self centered versus being "God centered"... Pride is the roadblack that prevents many from receiving the Holy Spirit of God as they feel they need no help.The indivdual that realizes ALL that he has is by the Grace of God , places God in the center of this circle and he circles on the outside. This individual places the needs of others as a priority in his/her life. And realises they are
  12. Thanks to everyone asking the tough questions. It is wonderful that people are seeking the Truth and wanting to learn more about Jesus.
  13. Thanks for all those people that are asking the tough questions and getting a start on knowing and understanding Jesus better.
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