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  1. This thread needs more pictures
  2. In a $1.20 sng? Top pair, any kicker calls you.
  3. Wow...just finished watching and I gotta say, scotty has a hot wife.Oh and he was a gigantic douche.
  4. donkaments are so goddamn annoying. Obviously, I'll play them any chance i get but always wind up at tables where people, who have NO clue what they're doing, try and teach other people how they're supposed to play. I need to get a mp3 player to drown out the retard talk.
  5. GL man, hope it works out for ya. I love poker but if I played it full time I probably would end up hating it. I tilt easy and have bad bankroll management.
  6. haha, thats what i was thinking
  7. A lot of people here are dicks (nothing new), a reason why I rarely post...but it keeps me entertained, which is the only real reason I keep coming back here.Sick beat, btw.
  8. If you can get away with it then why not? What else would u do when you're not doing "actual" work.
  9. I shouldn't because I got shit to do but what the hell...BUMP!
  10. I wish I were at the MGM right now...sigh..Those games are so juicy.
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