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  1. hey daniel,haven't heard you talk much about cash games recently, just your flying around to big tournaments. is that what you primarily do now? i remember you were really focusing in on HU online play before black friday, and just grinding to improve your game. are you still in that mode now? how high is getting better at poker on your life priority list at the moment?
  2. maybe you should wait more than 10 minutes for a goddamn reply. are you refreshing this page every 30 seconds or something?
  3. i can't believe this thread has so many responses. its seriously like asking "would you rather have AK or AKs?? durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh.
  4. has anyone .... NOT thought of this? i've probably been in 10 separate discussions about this idea the week following the legislation anouncement. you're pretty slow on the uptake.
  5. if i was playing to pay my bills, then it might slightly deter me. but as it is, i play for fun so i would definitely want a chance to play against the pros.
  6. this is so old, plus even if it happened yesterday, do you think its worth its own goddamn thread?
  7. i used this strategy clearing 900 hands at PP, 10 tabling. ended about even. anyone wanna see stats/graph?
  8. dear god i hope you're kidding.
  9. actual text of the bill.http://www.rules.house.gov/109_2nd/text/hr...543_portscr.pdfstart on section 802, page 213.
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