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  1. Pocketfives has some updates, not great but its something.
  2. You're going to have to gamble sooner or later. Shove.
  3. Just that simple huh? Who cares about your credit rating or a gigantic hassle.
  4. Yeah I signed up for Paytru last week and now it won't let me reload onto it.
  5. There does seem to be a disproportionately amount of Milwauke/Racine/Kenosha/Chicago players on this forum. Wonder why that is.
  6. Having the exact same problem, verified my bank account, got the small deposits from them but still hasn't shown up in my epassporte account. Got sick of waiting and went to giftcards.com and got a virtual gift card.
  7. Just breaking on Cnn.com, not really any details yet.
  8. You could buy a very long subscription to sharkscope.
  9. He also said on 2+2 that this interview was via AOL and with a friend, so obviously that makes it a little different. Either way I thought the Ghostbusters splattered this guy all over downtown Manhattan yeaaars ago.
  10. He was on pokernews.com saying how he was controlling the final table, then he acts like winning 800k is like a major disapointment. I don't like fat people. Aussie Millions interview
  11. Yeah I've been able to use my Neteller debit card lately with no problems.
  12. Well technically they split, with the Ace with 8 kicker taking the high and and the 7 low taking the low. (if it's heads up)
  13. Kramer says in on Seinfield and they ask so they can get your address and send you coupons and catalogs. Not that complicated.
  14. They sent me 5 bucks and after 2 dealer 21s I lost it all.
  15. I'll root for you cause you're from Milwaukee. Good luck sir.
  16. I was thinking about writing a long argument about how illegal the prison camp at Gitmo is, but it would just take too long. Let's just say the U.S. ignores a TON of International Laws, and obviously not just about Gitmo.
  17. Edit: Nevermind I see there's a thread about this already and Daniel finished 16th.
  18. Eric Lindgren beat Seidel heads up for the million dollar payday, I wonder how Daniel did.
  19. Many of the succesful pros like Bax, Sheets, etc. have created their own sites teaching others how to play. You'll notice that the most succesful pros use poker as a tool to get somewhere further ahead. Hell I don't even think Lederer plays much anymore because of the money he makes from broadcasting, fulltilt, endorsements, video games, etc. Like in pro sports, poker pros make the majority of their money from endorsements, not from their actual sport. I think it's important to note this. Moving on, being a pro poker player can be fun yes, but it can also be very unhealthy. Many of these onlin
  20. I'm 22 and have 1 semester left until I have a bachelor's degree in Economics. I work about 25 hrs. a week at a job I don't care about, and make about 85% of my money playing poker. I usually only cash my work checks about once every 2 months, because I really don't need that money. However, you can not put a price tag on things such as networking, references, resume building, and experience. I would basically work for free because I know that employers don't care that I played poker, and it might even hurt my job prospects if I told them I played poker for my main income. They may think I'l
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