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  1. People drink when playing poker. people play beer pong when drinking. therfore beer pong must be poker related.check out this stuff!!! pretty cool...http://clipaday.com/videos/amazing-beer-pong-shotsMight need to copy and paste. (I usually get these links months after other people so it might be old, but it's still worth another look.)
  2. I don't know if it was a repeat or if anyone actually has Ion as a tv channel, but there is poker on. It is Calvin Eyres Bodog tourney hosted in Costa Rica. DN was the mystery wild card player at the FT that included pros and celebs. Josh Arieh, the Grinder , D. Williams. Boston Rob from survivor, Evelyn Ng, Cheryl Hines and an internet dude. 1st place is 500k. I think its kind of ironic that US tv will show this event because if the host of the event actually set foot on US soil he would probably be instantly arrested, like the neteller people etc....(I just posted this in strat,
  3. Personally i like Prime in Bellagio best. not for a group of dudes though..... If your with the missus it's good. Strip Steak in Mandalay bay is very good. Where else do you know where they bring out 3 different types of "duck fat fries" with the bread for a free appetiser!!! Cholesterol Bomb but very good none the less.
  4. Just out of interest, do you know what your cards are?
  5. Just started playing low level SnG turbos and am doing ok, however I seem to have major trouble if get heads up. with really high blinds already and them increasing quickly, I always seem to get my stack in with the worst. Can anyone provide a bit of insight as to the best way to play it, or are there any good books that help w/ heads up play. Thanks people. (wasn't sure if this needed to be in the strategy section or not) If so please move it.
  6. Yeah 34 of diamonds.... I know I f..ed up by playing the hand in the first place, never mind being above my roll on tilt etc, but to beat me with the 34 diamonds after all the betting I did makes me feel even more like a schmuck.....
  7. Fairly new to poker and realizing maybe a little too emotional for the game. This is a big vent but want to get it out so flame away.... Before i begin, I know I was above my B/R and pretty much had everything coming to me.....and it happened.FTP B/R from 200 to 500 playing .25/.50 in 4 days (thought I was pretty good!!). Go to 1/2 with $100 at 2 tables. 2 bad beats on river after getting it all in with st8 against set twice and river f/house both times. Yes I know, BBFIDTS.Major tilt takes me to 2/4 with rest of my roll. sorry no hand history to post because uninstalled PS and FTP t
  8. So I reloaded for a small amount onto e-passporte 2 weeks ago. to my surprise, my credit card was accepted. Due to poor play (ok, crap play) I had to reload again 2 days ago. My credit card was now declined as the financial institution would not accept e-passporte as a viable vendor. So I tried a different card, went through the whole thing including putting in my last 3 #'s on the card like they ask. Denied again. I got to my 4th card (debit card from bank) which was accepted. So now i'm concerned that E-passporte has all my cards infos and i tried to erase them. It turns out you ca
  9. Maybe the change of 'scenery' from tourney to cash games will do you good. If you are killing the cash games, build your roll back up but sprinkle in a few tourneys here and there for your 'tourney fix'. Then switch back to more tourneys at a later date after your mind and bankrol has been refreshed.
  10. A sex talk is usually a number you call to hear women panting and moaning......or men depending on your preference.....usually they begin with 1-900 numbers though........hope that answers your question.As for the e-pass thing.....that has taken a couple of days to come but not 5 days.....maybe the phone number will get it to come quicker??
  11. This is in no way meant to be offensive, but how did you find out your son had luekemia if you have no health insurance?? Surely you must have had to pay loads for tests etc.....
  12. Amazing you dad has your CPU did you text your last post to FCP?
  13. poker pages has Erica Schoenbergs profile as 27 yrs old married w/5 kids.That must be wrong or it would be like Benyamine is "throwing his javelin down Main Street"
  14. Lot of writing to disguise some bad beats........Life is great for everyone.........Suicide is not an option.Cold floor= SlippersHunger=Ramen noodlespossibly a haircut might work too......
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