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  1. You should have just gave her cash. I can't believe you would actually think this was a good gift. You have me in tears laughing! Thanks for brighting my day
  2. Hey tswing,Sorry to hear about the cooler.....I went completley card dead when we got to the final table. I should have probably pushed before I did, but there always seemed to be a big raise in front of me.....oh well. Nice job, and if the 200+ isn't much to you feel free to ship it me!!
  3. Hey Tswing....brnett here sitting at final table with you.....very short stacked and ready to go
  4. IQ - As I said in my above post, I did not see your thread and if I did I would have put them there. My apologies to you and the rest can kiss my ***.
  5. Excuse me your royal ****ing hines. I received these today and thought I'd share them with you guys. At the time I posted them the other thread was on the bottom of this page and I did not see it. Unlike you, I actually have a job and a life and don't sit on here all day and see who I can make fun of because they posted something that was already there.If I had seen the other thread, I would have put them there. Now, go **** yourself.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I agree with pretty much everything you guys said. Looking back at it I should have definitely raised more preflop. When the action got back I didn't even think about it and folded. The other 2 guys called the all-in. The all-in flopped the nuts with the 89. Originally raiser had AJ and the other guy had Q10. After I folded I showed the guy sitting next to me what I folded and he couldn't believe it. He said I got a great flop for my hand and how could I fold. I just sorta laughed to myself, but told him I guarntee that I am beat. He bet me $50 that there
  7. Ok, here is the situation. I am playing in a home game. .50/1.00 blinds. I am in middle position with AA. It's a pretty lose game and some crazy players who will bet and raise with just top pair. I raise to $4 preflop. I get 4 callers which I'm not too thrilled about because a lot of these guys will call a raise with any 2 suited cards or any 2 face cards. Flop comes J T 7 rainbow. The guy in the small blind bets out $6, big blind raises to $12 and then guy after him goes all in for around $25. What would you do??? I think this is very straight forward, but I would like your opinions
  8. packersfan


    I'm sorry fryer98....I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Can you please repeat yourself?!?!!?GO BADGERS!!!
  9. I completley agree. I like playing the shorthanded SNG's with 6 people. Last night I had 2 of them that lasted over and hour!! Completley ridiculous, and it really wears on my patience. My strategy on those is be aggresive early and see if you can pick up some chips. If that doesn't work you still have plenty of time because lately everyone is playing very conservitive. In the 2 I played I was short stacked with around 7-800 chips within about 10 minutes of it starting and then just sat back and picked my spots and ended up winning them both.A couple weeks ago I started a 18 man SNG the
  10. what about the whiskey??i'll dress in black....will that be ok??
  11. The next thing you know, everyone will be able to play poker on the internet. That would be awesome!!!
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