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  1. Technically, i would be surprised if any of the well known pros had the bankroll for 500k NL, since 30 buyins at that level is 15 million.
  2. Thats a misleading statement.You can be the best $2/$4 NL player the world has ever seen and go busto if you don't have enough buy ins to eliminate variance (as said, at least 20 or so if you have another job, 30+ if it is your job)
  3. Get a mastercard debit credit card thingo. It does basically everything a credit card can except you have to have the money on your card already (basically, no credit).It's really easy.If you are actually under 18 and don't want to admit it, you can do a bank wire transfer. You need a debit card for this, and you're account also needs to be set up to transfer funds internationally (unless you've done it before, it probably wont be. you need to go to your local bank branch and fill out some forms i think to authorize international transactions). Then once thats done, log on your internet bankin
  4. I usually just dont bother remembering what i toss into the muck.But if i fold like A4 and the flop comes AA4 or something i just take solace in the fact that if i make that fold all the time in the long run it will be a profitable play.
  5. Cant really blame you for not folding that, but yeah, he was a bit of an idiot for raising $92 since he wouldn't get action there most of the time.
  6. Indeed it was quite sick. I think it was extremely borderline though, especially with the ace on the river. Its posted a few posts above.
  7. Your topic title is misleading, mine isn't.GG Sir.
  8. Full Tilt Poker Game #2169819893: $400,000 Guarantee (15786157), Table 25 - 12000/24000 Ante 3000 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:11:47 ET - 2007/04/09Seat 1: Antoshka (963,021)Seat 3: IBluffUOut4 (1,732,911)Seat 4: I_shivagit (560,492)Seat 6: SirGutShot (950,948)Seat 7: Gaelic800 (1,331,968)Seat 9: SDPOKERSTUD (346,660)Antoshka antes 3,000IBluffUOut4 antes 3,000I_shivagit antes 3,000SirGutShot antes 3,000Gaelic800 antes 3,000SDPOKERSTUD antes 3,000Antoshka posts the small blind of 12,000IBluffUOut4 posts the big blind of 24,000The button is in seat #9*** HOLE CARDS ***I_shivagit foldsSirGutShot foldsG
  9. I posted this a whole 10 mins ago, gghttp://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=96132
  10. "IBluffUOut4" is chip leader on both the Sunday Mil and FTP 400k, the mil has 17 players left and the 400k has 13 left.His avatar on Stars is a pic of ZeeJustin.
  11. I think the guy he was sitting with was trying to be a short stack ninjaSo PA attempted to take his BB, the guy was probably only going to call with A10+ and pocket 10s+
  12. You got lost on this hand because you didn't bet the flop
  13. Try not sitting with over a third of your bankroll at a table.
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