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  1. Does anyone know what is the best method for exchanging Pokerstars W$ for real $?I cant find any good rates.Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. You should raise more preflop than 3BB. You should bet closer to the pot with AA. I might even over bet the pot since you are in the SB. Thats your only mistake really. Beggin for action and ya got it.
  3. I can't stop laughing after watching Phil Gordon move all in drawing dead against Jennifer Tilly on Poker After Dark this morning. For someone who always seems to know what everyone has its rediculous that he can't read Tilly on that hand! As soon as the flop comes down her titties start heaving, she takes forever to check the flop, and she can barely speak when she says "call" on the flop. Its just pathetic poker.
  4. Pokerstars also accepts WU but wont pay any of the fees.
  5. Bodog pays all WU fees for deposits over $200. Pretty generous if you ask me. They also have a 10% first time deposit bonus. I don't work for them.
  6. I just finished watching the first "day" of commentator week on pokerafter dark. It was definetlely the most obnoxious line up I've ever watched on a poker show. Kaplan and Gordon's neverending string of clever comments made me want to kill myself. Watching great poker on TV usually recharges my poker batteries and inspires me to play better and harder. These guys make me want to quit poker and do something real with my life. I know Gabe is just trying to be funny and lighten the mood, but I wish he'd just shut up. Gordon just comes accross as a total scumbag.Give me Hellmuth and Matusow over
  7. What non gambling site merchants accept Neteller??? Are there any?
  8. I'm sure this has already come up in the Neteller discussions, but I couldn't find it.Are there any "legal" merchants that accept Neteller? I have about $400 stuck on Neteller, and since it looks like I may never get my money can I spend it at another merchant that is not gambling related?
  9. So I know that when Chip Reese first moved to Vegas he had a partner named Danny Robison. I heard that Danny was a brilliant stud player, but that he got addicted to cocaine and it ruined him. I saw that he cashed in a WSOP stud event in the mid nineties. I also read something that mentioned him "finding god". Does anyone know what Mr. Robison is up to now? or how is story unfolded?
  10. The following is an excerpt of an old Card Player Article by Phil Hellmuth. Someone please help me understand this.The second encounter I had with (K-9) 9 was when I ran into Scotty Nguyen in a $1,000 buy-in stud tourney in February at Commerce Casino. This hand is a bit more perplexing, though. I had been waiting patiently for a hand with which I could put my last $1,400 into the pot. I was dealt (K-9) 9 and raised, and Scotty reraised me with (A 2) 5 (no, this is not a misprint). At that point, not knowing his hand, I thought, "OK, I'm probably not going to fold this hand, but I'll just smoo
  11. Yeah...I just got off the phone with neteller. I have been waiting 2 weeks for 3 EFT's to show up. They said there is no way they can get me my money right now. Also said there is no timetable for when I will get my money. Maybe 6 weeks or more. This is some Bullsh!t.
  12. I was watching a friend play a 9-handed NLHE sit-n-go on FullTilt the other day. With 4 players left the stacks were as follows.Friend t 3250Player t 4200Hater t 2150TheRock t 3900With the blinds at 100/200 we were dealt JJ on the button. Player folded UTG and my friend made it 600. Hater folded the SB and The Rock raised to 1500. The Rock had been the big stack the entire tournament. He had in fact been playing very tight and had been surrendering his blinds for a few rounds. My friend is also a very straight forward super tight player. My friend folded the jacks pretty quickl
  13. I was hoping that someone could answer a qestion about Neteller. I made 2 cashouts from my fulltilt account to Neteller. These cashouts were on Jan 15 and 17. Neteller allowed me to make an EFT to my bank account, but the funds still have not shown up. How can I get this money?
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