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  1. you guys cant be serious. KK, i remember you from RGP. You generally make sense. But really, its a TV show. And from a business perspective, its very smart. They will make a lot of money off it, thanks in part to people like you. You watched it. You saw the commercials. Every poker player in the world watched it, if only so they could criticize it. And id bet that many will continue to watch, if only so they can post on RGP afterwards about how unreal it was so they can make themselves feel good about being a 'real poker player'. Advertisers dont care why you watch it, just that you watch it.
  2. drugs and poker have been debated for a while. Heres my take on it: the effect is highly dependant on the drug: coke, meth, heroin, etc to my mind are all to intense to be anything but detrimental to a poker game. The effects of alcohol are also clearly detrimental; inhibitions, decision making skills, these are both critical to poker and it is scientific fact that alcohol is harmful to these areas of thinking. The effects of pot, however, are more debatable. The high from marijuana varies greatly from person to person. for the occasional smoker, the high is probably to intense for them to co
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    wrto, you are missing the point. The OP is merely pointing out that the moderators are allowing, and by your own admission encouraging via the creation of forums, the indirect promotion of a particular online poker client. This would seem to be against the very rules with regards to spam (i.e. the promotion of products or services) which the moderators have set forth and are charged with enforcing. He tried bringing it up with the mods whose responses were contradictory and in stating that the Negreanu Open was 'for fun' blatantly false. It is not just for fun. It is also for money. Instead of
  4. Maybe if you understood low-ball youd get why its kinda funny. But since your morons (especially mr. perfect, smasharoo....) You shouldnt be postin anythingUm maybe you arent aware of what a story is. It should have a plot of some kind. posting a poorly written and uninformative hand history about how you filled a longshot draw in a lowball game hardly counts as a story, nevermind a funny one. People hit gutshots, 3 outers, etc. all the time. This hardly makes for humerous reading. Besides that, i wouldnt be calling anyone a moron, mr. "you'd be stupid to fold QQ to a bet, raise, and two over
  5. In poker, one should have a goal in mind with every action made at the table. You should be aiming to accomplish a particular thing every time you check, bet or raise. Your action should be proportional to this goal. If you act without purpose, you have lost before you've begun. With that in mind, what would be the purpose of raising all in here? As far as i can tell, there is a little over 3$ in the pot right now. reraising 20$ is a ludicrous overbet. This bet can have several effects which are not desirable and clearly not intended, one of which did in fact occur. Firstly, this bet looks ver
  6. well theres an answer to this question but it doesnt solve the problem per se. the studies have been done, over and over again, and the results say the flops are random to within a statistically acceptable margin of error. the problem is this doesnt eliminate the possibility that they are simply making sure the positive outcome flops go to certain specified house players while the statistically inevitable negative outcome flops go to the 'suckers' i.e. you and me. but the bottom line is its not rigged. they would be stupid to rig it. Party, for example, rakes some ludicrous number like $10 mil
  7. huh? flush draw? thats about the last thing id put him on after opening to 6xbb. hes obviously looking to thin the field with that preflop bet, so the only flush draw ive got him on is AK but likely a bigger pp than 10s. either way youre behind. all in here would not want a call as anything he calls u with is likely ahead. assuming you dont have the 10 , his flush draw and two overs are ahead 54:46. you are much worse if hes got what i suspect, a bigger pair.
  8. on another note, good luck hauling an offshore company based in some obscure place like the Isle of Man or Malta into a US court for a class action suit. The US has no jurisdiction whatsoever as far as the practices of these companies, otherwise they would have been shut down long ago for violating various US gaming laws.
  9. LVKING: i didnt say the topic was worthless, i said the discussion as is was useless. big difference. the topic itself is not useful, but has worth as its interesting. but while the topic may be interesting, the discussion here is not useful as the opinions being thrown out there are largely if not solely based on the representations of these players put forth by the editing crew of WPT and other tv shows who are doing said editing with the purpose of achieving certain images for particular players. they manipulate these images through selecting hands to show, and the biased commentary. surely
  10. A week ago, at Casino Rama this one guy had just cashed in. The casino obviously wanted him to do well so hed keep playing. He got 77, guy right in front of him was pushing the whole way with 1010. flop was 1077. It has to be rigged. all you have is the cardrooms word as to the honesty, and in some places poker isnt even legal! i mean heres this guy, been playing for hours, gets so unlucky, new guy just cashed in hits a miracle flop. just wanted to warn you all, all BM games are rigged.
  11. first of all, this conversation is useless because everyone is just throwing in opinions based on the EXTREMELY limited tournament play theyve seen on tv... there are two problems with this. a) you are only seeing a small fraction of the hands by a small fraction of the players and B) its a tournament. all these guys couldnt give two shits about these tourneys. Harrington, Hellmuth, Sexton, Cloutier, Tomko, theyre all playing high stakes cash games which make the tourney buyins seem worthless. 10 grand is nothing. At the Bellagio mixed game that daniel plays in amongst others, bets are often c
  12. yea i bet you get that kind of deal often... "lets chop it up" "ok ill take 100% you take 0%" "ok seems fair".there are a million valid reasons to take a chop, 'not wanting to play' is usually not one of them. if anyone wants to see the fallacy of this, do a lil search for xxxeddies views on calling a bet, raise, and two reraises all in with QQ midway through a large buyin NL tourney for your whole stack
  13. a) i dont see how this is a bad beat. it's a coinflip preflop, coinflip on the flop, and he cannot win by the turn. never is he ahead by more than a few percent. B) the all in is a terrible play. he will only get called by one of the several hands that have him beat. what is he trying to accomplish?? a steal? seems silly he has a hand, he wants straights and trips to call him, which they wont do for all their chips on that board.
  14. Hate to break it to you, but this happens all the time. Just cuz you dont see it doesnt mean it didnt happen. Deals are a smart move when the blinds get high relative to stack sizes. for instance, i was playing a 1 table tourney, and it came down to me and one other heads up. We each had about 300 chips (yea i know the structure was brutal), and the blinds were 64-128. That meant the minimum raise would put 3/4s of the chips in play on the table. Clearly at this point there was no skill involved, it was like flipping a coin for $1000. we each took 400, and played it out for the other 200. def
  15. www.pokermafia.combut its not gonna give you what your looking for. mostly it talks about collusion, but you'd get better information to google some RGP posts by Russ. Also, you must remember that he was mostly cheating non-community games such as lowball, and 7 stud hi-lo, where pat/nut hands were much easier to identify. As well, 30 years ago players were dealing to themselves even in card rooms, and when they werent the security measures in place were much more easily manipulated. even if you could get a dealer, floorman and supe on the take in a room today, it would be almost impossible to
  16. What the OP was referring to are the allegations made a few years ago by one Russ Georgiev, aka GCA, aka NewGCA. Essentially, Russ is a former high stakes player who claims to have cheated the biggest games in the 70s and 80s, and claims to have done it with the help of some of the biggest names in poker, who he claims are still cheating today. there is much debate as to whether Russ's allegations are true. Basically the only thing that has been proven after all this time is that Russ did in fact play these games, which had been very much doubted before several big names admitted that Russ had
  17. well, eddie, 15 hours and no reply. i guess you're not quite so eager to play me as you purport to be. Or maybe you are, but lost your bankroll calling QQ for all your chips behind 3 all ins?
  18. a good way to assess EV on deals is to look at the deal in comparision to a chipcount deal. Chip count deals are arguably the most fair, and the way they work is both players get second place money, and the remaining prize pool is divided up based on chip counts. I.e, you both get $75, then you split the remaining 50 in a 7.5:3.5 ratio. do the math, and this works out to you getting $90.90... your deal was pretty damn close.
  19. name a site... we'll play headsup SNGs best four of seven...
  20. ive refrained from getting involved in many of the idiotic debates here, such as people arguing as to how those who dont tip dealers everytime they drag a pot are the dredge of society, but eddie im gonna do you a favour: You are misunderstanding the meaning of what a 'right' and 'wrong' call is. You are looking at this from a results based perspective. this is a terrible, and ultimately expensive way to analyze poker. This question was obviously meant to be with regards to a strategical analysis of the play. Strategically, the fold here is the ONLY correct play, for several different reasons.
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