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  1. My vote is for Erik Seidel (excluding the obvious choice of Harrington).
  2. Since we are naming names I will tell you that I was referring to Party Poker. You will have the most ridiculous luck when you first deposit i.e. wired pairs flopping sets nearly everytime. Aces, Kings, AK, etc. an above average amount of time. Flopping the nut straight and full houses. It's just absurd imo.
  3. I have been playing on an online poker program (won't name names) for the past couple of weeks, and I can't help but feel that it is rigged. It seems there is a relationship between luck and the recency of your last deposit. Everytime a friend of mine deposits on this program their luck is incredible. Then a few days later it goes to crap.That's just me stating what I believe to be true, but what are the most credible programs? Thanks for your opinions...
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